Monday, 19 October 2015

Last Minute/No Buy Ventriloquist Doll Halloween Tutorial

I'm not great at make-up, and I'm definitely not usually organised enough to manage a decent Halloween outfit. Having said that, what I am good at is pulling something vaguely decent out of the bag with what I have at my disposal, and very little time to plan. With that - I bring you my Halloween look - one you'll probably have all of the stuff for, and you can definitely pull it off in next to no time.

This is pretty much as easy as it looks. 

1: Prime, foundation and then conceal. I'm not even going to tell you what I used because the whole point of this tutorial is to use what you've got and so do just that. Set the whole thing with powder in order to create that creepy matte skin look (which I love for every day, on another note.)

2: Put on neutral eyeshadow, you want the focus to be around your mouth and so as subtle as you can make it (although having said that Halloween is the time for excess so hey, go nuts.)

3: Eyebrows - I carved mine in pretty harshly and dramatically as I figured it would add to the whole effect, I then powdered over the top and highlighted with a solid white shadow with no glitter (sticking with the whole matte thing.)

4: Use the same white shadow to dust over your make-up, it'll still look matte but this will lighten it down a shade without the whole creepy white halloween paste make up thing.

5: Add eyelashes and eyeliner. I trimmed these, but honestly - you're going for the doll look and it's Halloween so feel free not to. I know some people also put them on their lower lashes for doll looks but that's hella creepy and uncomfortable.

6: Add blush in the form of a pop of colour. Don't blend too much because dolls have rosy cheeks and so you want to keep that look. Add some eyeliner freckles just to add to the effect so it's abundantly clear you're meant to be a doll.

7: Conceal your lips and then line and fill them. Don't worry about getting it right to the ends of the corners of your mouth because you will be adding eyeliner in the corners shortly anyway.

8: Add the mouth line from your lips to your chin and add optional screw type details.

9: Voile. Head out to a party and for comedic effect drink a glass of water whilst having a friend talk for you. (should that be the other way around?)


Sammy xo.


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