Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Sleep Solutions

I've always had issues with sleep - I barely used to sleep at all, staying up until 5am in case bad things happened or anybody needed me (it wasn't all bad, though, I used to get through a lot of TV) and, more recently since starting Sertraline, I also struggle with being too tired and sleeping all the time. I swing between sleeping too much and not sleeping enough regularly, and in trying to get a balance between the two I've found that there's no quick remedy; however, there are a few ways to help settle down and get at least a semi-decent few hours sleep. I've talked about this when I reviewed a few Neom products - but I thought that I'd just throw out a few tips I've found helpful along the way.

Macbook Air

1: Switch The Technology Off
I'm the worst for this - but I do sleep better when I'm not drifting in front of the latest episode of Dance Moms, or just checking my various social media accounts "for the last time". Switch them off, put them on the floor, most phone alarms go off even if your phone isn't on. Settle down sans technology and just relax for the night (feel free to call me a hypocrite about this one next time you see me on twitter at 4:30am).

IKEA panda

2: Find A Source Of Comfort
It doesn't matter that I'm 21, my tablets make me hypersensitive to certain textures and so I find it very grounding and relaxing to find comfort in soft toys (all with a certain feel to them, usually IKEA offerings). You might think it sounds stupid, but you'd genuinely be surprised how comforting something that feels soft can be. Not into cuddly toys? Try a soft blanket (the Primark throws are a good call) or super soft pyjamas.

couvent des minimes pillow mist

3: Try A Sleep Aid
To be honest, I've tried a lot of sleep aids (Kalms etc. as well as non-medicinal) in the past and nothing's really helped me overall - although I do have to attest for the calming feeling that Le Couvent Des Minimes Pillow Mist* provides. I've never been a huge fan of pillow mists if I'm honest, I used This Works for a long while but found it never lingered - but this one might just have me converted. This comes on strong and almost like an actual perfume, however it settles down into a really sweet, comforting scent. This is lavender and acacia but to me it's just a soft, clean smell - I tend to try it on my pillow and my panda when I can't sleep.

I've also given Kiss The Moon* a go in the last few weeks and these also proved quite useful - I found their face oils (I tried the Glow and the Calm varieties) fairly greasy but not unpleasant, just pretty generic - but their bath oils (I tried Dream and Love) are something else. These little samplers are enough for one bath - and they really did get me in the mood for sleep. Love is a heady mix of rose, frankincense and ylang ylang which is relaxing and calming and definitely helped to soothe out sore muscles etc, whereas Dream is lavender, bergamot, cedarwood and camomile and definitely quickly had Katy and I obsessed (and lulled me into a sleep quicker than anything else I'd tried!) These aren't cheap (a full sized bath oil will set you back around £38) however, they do have some samples available to buy on the site (here) so worth checking out if you're a notoriously bad sleeper!

How do you help yourself sleep?

Sammy xo.
Products marked with an asterisk (*) were sent by Le Couvent Des Minimes to #NWmeet/Kiss The Moon in order to go in gift bags in consideration for a review - this hasn't altered my opinions in any way, and any further information can be found in my disclaimer.

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