Friday, 2 October 2015

The Big Hair Do Event

I am notoriously bad with my hair - I have way too much of it, being that it's both long and thick, and so generally I just don't tend to do anything at all with it. Having said that, I always like knowing what it could look like if I bothered to give it more than ten minutes of my time and so last week I headed over to the Boutique Atelier alongside Katy, Hannah and Emma and we got to see what the salon could teach us about hairstyles that we could master and take home with us. We got very, very lost getting there - but when we did finally arrived, it was more than worth the stress of finding the location.

Now, first of all the salon. The Boutique Atelier (The translation meaning The Boutique Workshop) is something else - not only is it right on trend with it's bare lightbulbs, neon tube letter lighting and wooden surfaces - it really does bring the luxury to having your hair cut, with leather armchairs at the washing stations and added extras around every corner. I haven't ever visited before, nor had my hair cut by them - however I can attest for the prices being pretty good for the service that I've seen them provide whilst wandering round; and they do tiered pricing so if you're willing to let a graduate loose (I personally am) it works out even cheaper.

I didn't know where to settle after grabbing a glass of bubbly and so I had a little wander - I watched the staff teaching a girl to blow dry her own hair, nipped round to watch a girl having her eyebrows done and drawn in (and caught a few nifty tricks) and then settled to watch Hannah learning to curl her own hair. It was a really good idea for an event, and it wasn't just showing us what the salon had to offer but also allowing us to ask questions in order to take some skills home - and ask questions we did. The staff were patient and attentive, which was good for us as we wanted tips on everything from curling our hair, to braiding our own hair, to the best tips for fishtail braids and getting our hairstyles to stay in - it really was good fun to be able to have niggling questions answered.

After watching Hannah and Emma curl their hair with the Babyliss Dial-A-Heat 32mm Tongs I knew I was going to get some for myself (I got a little money off on the night but you can get them for a similar price here) and so I decided instead of using those on my own hair, I let Katy loose with the Curl Secret (this went atrociously, then pretty well, then atrociously again - there was a lot of burned hair). As we didn't have the time nor the desire to waste nine hours of our lives curling all of my hair with the device, under Hannah's instruction and with the help of Katy and a hairdresser at the salon, I was quickly transformed into Rapunzel via plaits and many, many hands grabbing different pieces of hair. Katy also had some amazing 3D braids done and after buying our curlers and saying our goodbyes we set off back into the rather chilly night, chips from the chip shop on our laps and we got lost for the second time that night - we did, thankfully, make it home though; armed with goodie bags filled with samples, hairbrushes and invisibobbles. Thanks for having us, The Boutique Atelier!

All in all, I do feel like I probably know more about doing things to my hair, however I immediately gave myself a huge burn upon trying my curling tongs out and so, you know, maybe not.

Sammy xo.

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