Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Wishlist - Jeanius

I've had many a love affair with many a pair of jeans - but I can pinpoint exactly the moment I fell in love with the denim wonders; when I was quite young, a good friend of mine was gifted a pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans and I was so jealous. I did end up getting my own pair (from a charity shop if I recall correctly) but I still do lust after high end and highstreet jeans in equal measure - I have outlets by me but they are often still eye-watering in price but hey, a girl can dream.

1: The Ragged Priest x Lazy Oaf Mom Jeans (Asos - £65)
I have loved these since the minute that I set eyes on them - I like the handwriting-esque look to them, the rips in the knees and the turnups. They're how I want my Topshop Mom Jeans to end up looking eventually. I imagine these would look fab with trainers and a jumper, or dressed up with heels etc. Versatile, but definitely a statement piece.

2: Relaxed Skinny Riche Touch (7 For All Mankind - £210)
I had to throw in a pair from the brand that started it all - and I truly believe that if I was ever going to splash out over £200 on a pair of jeans (I only wish I had that kind of money) I really do think it would have to be on a classic colour of jeans and so I picked these black ones out of all of their offerings.

3: Patterned Jacquard Skinny Jeans (Asda - £16)
These are a cheap, fashionable alternative to some of the more expensive patterned jeans on the market. George at Asda tend to have really good quality, inexpensive jeans and these are ones that I'd definitely like to add to my collection, even if I only get one season's wear out of them.

4: Skyline Skinny In Newton (Trilogy - £235)
Okay so like I said, a girl can dream about expensive jeans - that's what wishlists are for! I love the subtle colour of these jeans, I love the shape of them and honestly, it doesn't have to be the Newton variation; I'd happily settle for any of the Paige Jeans if somebody's offering.

5: Moto Oversized Boyfriend Jeans (Topshop - £40)
These are pretty similar to the Mom Jeans that I've lived and died in this past year - only these are baggier and comfier if that was even possible. I like the deeper blue of these for winter, but they still have the roll ups that I love; good move, Topshop.

What jeans are on your wishlist?

Sammy xo.
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