Monday, 30 November 2015

A Film A Week For December

Christmas is the time to eat, drink and be merry - and I know for a lot of us being merry around December time means sitting down to watch a good film with the family or a group of your friends. With this in mind, I've made up a list of a film for each week in December that aren't to be missed. Let the Christmas cheer begin.

Week One - December 1st to December 7th
Uncle Buck
This is without a doubt my favourite film all year around but this will undoubtably be on the the TV around this week (and every single week of the whole year, seriously, just check ITV3). This isn't technically a Christmas film but it is one that will get you laughing and generally appreciating all the crazy family that you have that will undoubtedly show their faces around Christmas. This is basically a film about appreciating your crazy family and nobody appreciates that more than at Christmas time - it's a chaotic uncle that comes to look after his nieces and nephews and it basically inspired Home Alone and so you know it's going to be good.

Week Two - December 7th to December 14th
Now it's getting closer to Christmas, this is acceptable and Elf is one of the greatest Christmas films to exist. Watch it even if you don't remember loving it because I guarantee it will make you laugh out loud at least once. If you've never watched Elf (where have you been living?!) it's about an elf who finds out he never belonged in The North Pole and so comes to New York. Think a Christmas version of Enchanted and times it by about ten times how good you think it could possibly be in your head. You might get the impression I like Elf. You'd be right.

Week Three - December 14th to December 21st
The Nightmare Before Christmas
You may think that this is a Halloween film - you'd be wrong. This starts and ends with Halloween but the main plot is about Christmas and nobody else can make me believe otherwise. This is a fi;m about a ton of spooky monsters from Halloweentown trying to take over Christmas. It's creepy, adorable and funny in equal measures and it's one of my favourite Disney films to date. Also, this is my birthday week so I think you should watch it in my honour.

Week Four - December 21st to NYE
Love Actually 
Okay so slightly longer than a week, but you get me. I always forget about Love Actually but whenever I watch it, it makes me happy and sad in equal measure and I only ever watch it Christmas week but I genuinely love it. This follows a whole number of different couples finding, losing and noticing love all around them and it's fricking adorable.

So there's my films for the month of December - tell me yours!

Sammy xo.

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