Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Degustabox Review

If there's one thing you should know about me - it's that I love food. When Degustabox emailed me to see if I wanted a whole box of food sent to my door from them, I got my knife and fork ready and waited eagerly behind the postbox (only, you know, metaphorically, because I have an actual life to live.) In essence, Degustabox is a box full of yummy treats - some you can use to cook and bake with, some that you can chuck in your bag as snacks and many giving you a taste of brands you might not have heard of before.

The first thing I was very excited about - I bloody love Salt and Vinegar crisps and I expected these Chip Strips to be like my beloved Pringles. As much as these are pleasant (and, as predicted very much the texture of Pringles if Pringles were long and like, you know, strip shaped) they do lack a little on flavour, the Salt and Vinegar more so than the Sweet Paprika; as nice as they are they just don't have the salt burn feeling of Pringles. One thing that certainly doesn't lack on taste is the Geeta's Lime and Chilli Chutney - we ate this from the jar with cheap nacho's (probably some kind of sacrilege, but what can you do) and it was amazing; sweet with just the right amount of spice and so, so yummy. The third offering, the freeze dried Apricots from The Snack Organisation, went straight to mum as I can't think of anything I hate more than apricots. Apparently, according to Ka, these were really, really strong tasting (which was a good thing) but a real weird texture (not sure what she expected from something that was freeze-dried, to be honest).

I'm yet to use the Cirio Passata and Chopped Tomatoes but have used them before and know they're pretty good, as tomato goes - but if I do chuck them into any good recipes I'll be sure to post them up on here. The next thing struck Katy as hilarious but it was a full value voucher for President butter - so I nipped and picked up a spreadable tub of the salted kind, saving myself £1.70; score. The last thing in this row of pictures is the Lorina sparkling Coconut and Lime drink - this was actually surprisingly nice when cold, however anything liquid form that tastes like Coconut always seems to be the wrong texture to me (does anybody else get that? No?). Not a complete fail, but probably not what I'd pick in a restaurant.

I'd love to tell you about the Snack Organisation's Sweet Chilli Rice Crackers but they were completely demolished before I even got to touch them. My brother ate them dipped into Hummus and told me they were really nice, but just a pretty standard Sweet Chilli Rice Cracker (I wouldn't be able to confirm nor deny, not that I'm bitter about it.) I haven't given the Korma Curry Paste a go yet, but given the Chutney by Geeta's was so flavoursome, I have high hopes (I'll let you know when I do!) The next item was the one I was the most excited about in the whole box - I've been seeing a lot of The Naked Marshmallow Company over on Not On The High Street and so I was really excited to  give these Salted Caramel offerings a taste. Suffice to say, they didn't let me down - they were sweet and salty in all the right measure, nice and chewy with flakes of caramel on the top; amazing. 10/10 would recommend. 

Kabuto noodles used to be one of my favourite foods in college - and this one is the Chicken Ramen version. If you've viewed this as a posh pot noodle, you're not far off - much less cardboardy and absolutely full of flavour, though; it's like a proper meal whereas Pot Noodle is like a boredom killer. 9 Bar - now, as vegan snack bars go (and there's a lot of them around our house as my brother is on a paleo diet), these are a little on the rabbit food-y end of the scale - HOWEVER, for every bar bought they provide a night's worth of light to a child in Africa; and that's pretty cool, as giving back goes. Last but not least are the salted peanuts and cashews from Liberation Foods - which are currently sitting in my bag but I'm so excited to give them a good try and they look amazing and have such gorgeous packaging.

Not bad for £12.99, huh? If you use the code "BLDEG15" You can even get £6 off that (for a whole ton of food - student readers need to get on this!)

Have you tried Degustabox before?

Sammy xo.

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