Monday, 2 November 2015

Etiquette I Don't Get(iquette) PT.2

Yep, still awkward. If you've been around a while, you might remember the original Etiquette I Don't Get(iquette) post and it continues to be one of my most popular posts - well guess what, there's still many, many things that I just don't know the etiquette for and so, to make you feel less horrendously awkward as a person, I thought I'd share even more stuff that I don't get with you lot.

Table Service Vs. Counter Service
I still, to this day, don't understand how you're supposed to tell whether you order at the table or the counter when you go into a new restaurant, and this really amps up my anxiety more than I can accurately write down in this blog post. More confusing are restaurants that ask you to order at the counter but then provide table service for drinks - I don't get it, it confuses me, and I wish there was a definitive way to tell. Someone fix that, okay thanks.

How To Format Ongoing Email Correspondence
I was always taught to write my first email in a correspondence as a letter, and so that's what I do - but as the emails go on, is it okay to write them text style? Do I still need to sign off each one? Do I still have to put your name at the start? This is a question somebody genuinely needs to answer for me, because I don't want to too rude or formal when speaking to PR's etc.

When/How To Ask For Someone's Number
I have such an issue with this it's unreal. I never know at what point in a relationship that it's okay to ask for somebody's phone number and how I'm supposed to do it - this goes for friends as well as potential relationships. I've never been able to do this and it often means that I don't even have the numbers of my cousins/brothers/aunties/friends etc. because I genuinely don't know how I'm supposed to ask for them. Is that weird? It seems weird now that I've written it down.

Using Somebody's Nickname
This is exactly how it sounds - I always worry when I use a nickname for somebody if they haven't explicitly introduced themselves to me in that way. Although Katy calls me Sam, if I ever call her Kate like her parents do, I worry about whether she's secretly cursing me inside. Bit weird, probably.

What's some etiquette that you don't understand?

Sammy xo.

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