Thursday, 19 November 2015

For Blog's Sake

Now, before I start I just want to say that this isn't about any of you in particular, but subtweet me to your heart's content. In nearly every blog chat that happens (and my lord there are a lot of them lately) - you will undoubtedly find at least one cry of; "Blog For You!"/"Your Blog Is Your Space!"/"Nobody Should Dictate Your Blog/You As A Blogger!" This is great! And supportive! And usually only what people think about their own blogs. The same people that make these cries in chats to look supportive, cool and accepting are all too often the same people criticising people for choosing to do things in a certain way, for using the #prrequest hashtag, for emailing companies.

In a world saturated with a million and one blogs, to make it you need a good dose of luck and a standout personality - contrary to popular belief it's a lot more than just marble backgrounds and good photography (which is lucky for, you know, me.) You need a business head on your shoulders, a huge shameless gene and a voice; or at least one of those things. Blogs are our most personal things, in my opinion, it's the innermost parts of us popped out into the world for everyone to see - it's subjective and intimate and completely mine; irregardless of how little or much I immerse myself into it's community which, for the most part I'll take the time to point out at this point, is actually really supportive.

But, to stand out you need to be different, and there are a good few bloggers that seem to think that this is where the issue lies and I'm acutely aware that I'm not the only one that's starting to see Twitter as one huge, bitchy subtweet. 
"Wow, stop emailing companies about your gift guides, could you look more thirsty?"
"I think you need to be a bit more famous than that to try your luck"
"Imagine using the #prrequest hashtag though"
"People emailing companies about blogging are making us all look desperate."
The issue with bloggers doesn't lie with those being proactive (and I'm using the word proactive, because actually life doesn't come to those who sit and wait for the most part, and many do want to do this as a career), it lies with all of those people who feel the need to shame them on twitter, kick them back into line for doing things that some people wouldn't do for their own reasons (and honestly, maybe I wouldn't do the things either but you do you, Sister.)

In a world that doesn't always understand blogging, we shouldn't be turning ranks on ourselves, always picking at niggly things that annoy us, always following one drama immediately with the next. What's giving bloggers a bad name is the incessant public spats, the arguments and the need to subtweet about every little thing that you don't agree with as though you can't just click the "x" button to minus out of a blog that isn't to your taste. Blogging is personal, it's subjective and it's about time that we started realising that people doing things differently to the masses doesn't always mean they're doing it wrong.

Sammy xo.

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