Friday, 27 November 2015

Gifts That Look Good and Do Good Gift Guide

The one gift guide I was determined to put together this year was of products that not only looked good, and were great to receive, but also that gave back to a bigger cause. So, I trawled the internet to find as many gifts to pop into this guide as I could, and I honestly think that I've done a really good job of putting together gifts worth buying not only because they're cool presents, but also for their wider cause; so, here we go.

Most of you will know that I love to read, and did so even more as a child and - as it turns out - Madeline is one of my favourite books, and a future tattoo for me and so this was a really good gift in my eyes. The t-shirt runs about a size smaller than you'd think and is a slim fit, it's also super soft and comfortable to wear; which is supposedly to fit the theme of a worn, well read book. These aren't cheap at $28, but for every one bought a book is donated to a community in need through their partner charity Books For Africa - so if they have your favourite book on there, I'd say buy one and get a book to a person in need.

I've worked with Treaclemoon in the past (I talked about their Marshmallow Bath and Shower Gel a few months back) and I really appreciate all the work they do alongside Bullies Out. These goodies are only £3 and you can pick them up from Tesco or Waitrose, well worth the money when you're also supporting an initiative like Bullies Out that work to help eradicate bullies within schools etc. I'm biased as I've done a lot of work with them in the past and think they're fantastic, but this is wonderful and chocolately and not even a fiver, so well worth adding to your shopping trolley.

These are gorgeous little glass beaded bracelets that roll on, available in just about any different colour and pattern that you could want. These would be gorgeous even if you could pick them up in Claire's Accessories, but given that they're really well made, comfortable to put on and wear and only $13 - combined with the fact that these are handmade in Nepal, help to empower both men and women in the communities they're made in and provide a living wage to their workers (paid promptly to avoid an issues), these are well worth the money. These are the type of things you could add to any present and they're next to nothing but do a lot for people in communities in real need.

These boots are not only pretty to look at but they follow the traditional TOMS one for one promise, meaning that when you buy a pair of shoes from them, a brand new pair of shoes goes to a child who really needs one. These are furry and comfy inside, and really gorgeous on the outside, but more importantly for £74.99 you're not only getting a fabulous pair of boots for yourself, but you're also providing a pair for a child who needs some. It's a win win situation!

Dalit Goods Co. - Karan Single Candle
I'm obsessed with this little clay potted candle, and even more so now I know the wider cause that's behind the candles. These candles are £6 and the pots are clay but the blended beeswax is scented like vanilla with hints of both lavender and coconut. Dalit Goods work alongside The Life Association to support Dalit families in India, and so these are affordable and really give back to a community in great need; not to mention that they smell amazing and burn really evenly.

Sammy xo.

Contains PR samples/items gifted to me by companies however all opinions are my own - please view my disclaimer for more information.

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