Monday, 16 November 2015

Girl's Day Out Liverpool

A few weeks ago an email popped into my inbox asking me if I might like to receive some tickets to head down to Girl's Day Out, a trade show in Liverpool the weekend of Halloween and, never one to turn down a good time, I graciously accepted and headed down there with my best friend Ruby. We were a little later than we might have liked to have left, but given that it was the morning after Halloween (which need I remind you fell on a Saturday this year) I don't think we did too badly all in all.

Now, first things first, this was in the new Liverpool Exhibition Centre down on the waterfront and having never been in this venue I didn't really know what to expect; it was nice though, clean looking, if fairly small for a trade show. Walking in, you'd be forgiven for thinking that you were walking into a very pink themed Clothes Show - with the heavy music, the individual stands and even a double decker bus (I'll get to that, in a minute.) It's important to point out, at this point, that although this is a huge trade show, it's not even near the same level as The Clothes Show (but that is the top of it's game, whereas Girl's Day Out still is only just setting out.)

It was a good way to kill a few hours, if nothing else. There were some really good brands there and although I was just in the market for a browse, Ruby was really ready to buy - and buy she did. After picking up our free gift bags (containing some samples, nail wraps, mini deodorant, an ariel liquitab and a mini tube of toothpaste) we used the free gift vouchers to go and grab some cocktails - the event was sponsored by Funkin' Cocktails and everybody got both a Strawberry Daiquiri and a Mojito voucher when they went to pick up their gift bags - and head out into the madness to see what we could find.

Almost immediately Ruby dragged me in so Bperfect Cosmetics so she could have her brows done as they were doing them free o the day - I had to admit that they did look boss but I just wasn't willing to make the commitment to take mine off and be seen sans brows in public so I gave it a miss. They used (and Ruby bought) their Semi-Permanent Brows which gives you eyebrows to last  24 hours, which is pretty cool for £24.99. I will say - they made it out as though they were giving you a deal on the day but the prices online are exactly the same so, there's that. Ruby also picked up an Aurora Band (which I got to watch a tutorial on, which was awesome, although again there was a little misleading statements regarding whether or not you were getting a deal) and also some cheap gel nail varnishes from RYV Gel to be used with her (my) Sensationail lamp which worked out 3 for £10 and she tells me they're brilliant.

I also got to catch up with a few brands I worked with on #NWmeet, Kiss Cosmetics and This Material Culture, which was cool - and there really were some notable brands there, there was a double decker Elemis bus, as well as Boozi Bodycare, Dorothy Perkins and Atkins; and there was also some dancing, Juice FM and Radio City both took part and it was a nice few hours out. Did it have some way to come? Of course, it's in it's first year - but it's definitely a show to keep your eye on as it grows and develops, because I really think that it might be something. I would say though, be aware that there are some brands outright lying about you getting a good deal so - just check it online first.

Did you manage to get down to Girl's Day Out?

Sammy xo.

Girl's Day Out Tickets were complimentary however all views are completely my own.

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