Friday, 13 November 2015

Halloween Hangover Gift Guide

If there's one thing that I really love - it's Halloween, and so I'm still mainly stuck in the Halloween mood year round; it's all about the black, the skulls and the creepy additions to my bedroom. I know I'm not the only one (black is the staple colour for most 20 somethings, isn't it?) and so I thought I'd kick my Christmas gift guides off with a Halloween Hangover themed one - you're welcome.

This little beaut is a surprising little edition to my gift guides, but I really do love this formula and I think the packaging and bottle are adorable. At $15 these aren't cheap - but as a little treat to someone special, they're ideal. I went for "I Can't Even", a glossy black, to add to this set of gifts, but they do a little something for everyone ("Bitch, Please!" Is another favourite of mine). This goes on opaque with a single coat and doesn't chip for a solid few work days, which is pretty impressive.

I have a further post coming on Dark Bunny Tees (they have jumpers that come in pizza boxes for God's sake) but this is a standout product for me. I love a good vest top, especially to wear around on Christmas day (getting dressed whilst not really getting dressed, it's the future) and this is stretchy, comfy and just generally really cute; plus, pretty good value for only £18 in my opinion. They also have an adorable Gremlins jumper that's not long been on the site and I'm obsessed with it.

Products with amazing packaging are one thing, but products with amazing packaging that also hold their own are something else entirely - and LunatiCK's contour kit definitely falls into the latter group. This opens like a book to reveal 12 contour shades, ranging from cool greys, to beautiful rosey pinks right down to warm browns - there's something for every occasion and every skin type and although this is seriously pricey ($74 is some serious money, even by my standards) each shade is buttery and easy to work with, as well as being seriously pigmented - this is definitely an investment, and I don't see myself hitting pan on mine any time soon.

I fully believe that you can't go wrong with shot glasses as a present - they're always the type of thing that you think that you definitely don't need to buy yourself but then wish that you had when all your friends are over unhygienically from the same bottle of vodka before a night out (just me? Awkward). These skull shot glasses can double up as a cute decoration until that night rolls around and it saves them being shoved in the back of the cupboard - I'm only slightly obsessed with these.

So there's what you get a Halloween lover for Christmas to keep the spirit going! Happy Friday 13th!

Sammy xo.

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