Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Mental Illness - We're Facing Enough.

Those of us battling with mental illness - we're facing enough. We're facing enough with a trial in our own head every day wherein we ourselves are both defence and prosecution, we're facing enough living with dread heavy in the pit of our stomachs, we're facing enough with the stigma that surrounds our illnesses every single day - it's not cute, or endearing, it's hard and we're facing it every single day.

We're facing enough without having to face your criticisms, without having to explain our lack of enthusiasm for menial day to day goings on, without having to defend our inability to work. We're facing enough without having to worry what people are thinking about us every day, without having to try to keep our illnesses secret for fear of how it will make us appear, without having to worry about how the future will pan out for us as we are so acutely aware of what the world can be like for sufferers of mental illness.

We're facing enough without having to face an eight month wait for help beyond medication, without facing up to a fortnight for emergency mental health assessments, without facing patronising attitudes from doctors who should be offering support, without facing cuts to our sector (which is lacking to begin with).

Those of us battling with mental illness - we are facing enough. We are facing enough without feeling like we have to defend the fact we're not just jumping on a bandwagon (a bandwagon I can point out, at this point, that none of us chose or wanted to be on), we are facing enough to be facing anything but support from those around us.

I will you to think about your attitude to mental health, because when you're frustrated at how we're being - just remember how much we're facing, and try to help us; we are facing enough.

Sammy xo.


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