Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Red Queen - Book Review

When I picked up Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, I expected nothing more than an easy read that strayed somewhere between Game Of Thrones, The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner territory and, if I'm honest, to be fair I wasn't far wrong. Red Queen is the newest in a long line of young adult action novels hitting our shelves, but that's not a bad thing - after all, there's a reason that they seem to be taking the book world by storm.

This book is deceiving to read - we are thrust into the world of Mare Barrow, a Red in a world where Silver rules. Red are human, they lack any extra abilities and have red blood, the silvers have powers beyond red comprehension and bleed silver. The language is reminiscent of The Hunger Games - with the Capitol remaining the centre of the story even though Mare is from nowhere close and this is only something she's even seen through TV or heard about in passing, and it's impossible not to make the connection between the two stories, however Red Queen definitely does stand up on it's own.

We follow Mare as she lives a difficult life in the world of the Red's, her brothers have been conscripted into a war and she is to be next, and no matter how she searches for a way out she can't seem to find one until she stumbles into a stranger on her way home from a bar late one night and he pulls her into the world of Silver before finding out more about Mare than he ever could have imagined possible. Like similar books in it's genre, it follows a certain theme; a life at home that's less than perfect, a ceremonious fall followed by a rise to the top, drama and then a cliff hanger. It's a tried and tested book method, and it's not a bad one, but it's undeniably one that we've seen done before.

The writing of this is beautiful, and Aveyard really does do a good job of keeping you in the air about who to trust. Despite our stark warning that anyone could turn on Mare, we find ourselves trusting the people in her life that just might end up being her downfall. It's beautifully written, there are nice additions to explain technology that we have now that is technology from a time long past in the book - there are undoubtedly some nice additions to this book that capture your imagination and just in the same way as I was hooked to The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games (and I don't want to keep comparing, but it's impossible not to), I wanted to keep reading this until there were no words left, which only left me scrabbling on Amazon to find a sequel.

Have you read Red Queen? What's your favourite book at the moment?

Sammy xo.


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