Thursday, 5 November 2015

Vichy Dermablend

I'm a foundation junkie and, try as I might, I just haven't found the right base to settle down with (this is making it sound like a love affair, right? It is). I tend to swing between foundations but never really find one to repurchase, and when Vichy offered to send me their new Dermablend Corrective Fluid Foundation and the matching Setting Powder I didn't expect it to be a lasting contender in my make up kit, oh how wrong I was.

Not only did this come with a setting powder, but also with a blending palette and a brush which was a cool little addition, and I got to working with it almost straight away. What surprised me the most was just how yellow that this was - I'm porcelain which is the lightest shade that Vichy currently offer and I was surprised to find how dark it looked on my skin, but I persevered all the same. Full face, still yellow. Back to the drawing board (this, in this circumstance means I carried on anyway because nobody has time to do their make up twice) and I added concealer and the white setting powder - ah, now we're onto something; the setting powder definitely seems to bring down the tone of the make up and settled it down really well.

My go to before this was Naked Skin by Urban Decay and this couldn't be more different if it tried. This is medium to heavy and (although mostly airing on heavy) definitely builable and the yellow actually does seem to tone down the redness in my skin and so when my skin is particularly bad - this really works to counteract it. Having said that - I find the tools that came with this set don't work particularly well; the brush is the wrong shape to make this work and look natural (I'd say opt for a buffing brush for a cleaner, better blended look) and the palette is, beyond anything, just a little gimmicky - however they were cute little additions to the set. Also, don't get me starting on the vintage powder puff that came with the Vichy, I wouldn't even know how to make that look natural (the powder is silky and fab with a brush, though).

Now there are some downsides, I have to say. Although the finish and colour of this is amazing if you manage to do it right, it's very easy to be a little too heavy handed - and although it's hard to make this look cakey it does just look strange and too thick (and has a weird shine to it if you wear it without the dermablend setting powder.) This does look good on and, to give it it's due, it does look pretty natural - but it's undeniably a make up for people who like the made up look (which I do). It's a pretty good deal with the Corrector Fluid coming in at £18 - however, as I'd say not to use it without the powder (which retails at £17) that's bringing your total cost up to £35 which is actually around the mark of top end foundations, if not a little more expensive.

Would I say it's worth it? Yeah, probably - but just bear in mind that it's not without it's faults.

Sammy xo.

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