Monday, 14 December 2015

22 Things I'm Proud Of This Year

This time last year I was in Spain with my family and best friend for my 21st birthday. We had a ball and I'm so grateful for the people that came - however it was around the time that my depression was first really diagnosed, and only a few months after my anxiety really had been. Although I had such a brilliant 21st birthday, I really struggled with being away and with someone I really cared about at the time not being there with me - but the year in between then and now I really feel like I've managed to accomplish a lot; so, here's 22 things I'm proud of that have happened this year - before my 22nd birthday (which is today!)

1: Got help for my depression and anxiety
2: Stuck with Little Fickle
3: Upped my posts per week on Little Fickle
4: I'm in my longest, happiest and healthiest relationship to date
5: Katy and I started a Youtube channel
6: Held two blogger meet ups!
7: Had one of those blogger meets trend on Twitter
8: Raised over £100 for The Recovery Bag Project
9: Learned to speak some more Spanish
10: Walked away from a harmful relationship
11: Made a whole lot of new friends, blog-based and otherwise
12: That time I saved Katy from a spider
13: Hit 100,000 blog views
14: Didn't get any more matching tattoos with people I don't speak to anymore
15: Didn't break my phone even once (it's a Christmas miracle)
16: Flew to Poland without any adults
17: Went gin tasting, as a tee total woman, and managed to walk back to the bus stop
18: Wrote more posts about sex
19: Wrote more posts about mental health
20: Met Katy's friends and family
21: Katy - I'm just insanely proud of her being in my life
22: Myself - for getting to here against all the odds.

Here's to many more things I'll be proud of myself for in the next year!

Sammy xo.

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