Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Bloom and Wild Three Months Of Flowers

I'm always looking for something to go with presents for my Mum, and although I'm not usually a flowers and chocolate type person because I know that's what my dad and brother will get for here - I am aware of just how much she likes a fresh bouquet on the windowsill. With that in mind - when Bloom and Wild offered me the chance to try out their three months of flowers subscription, I graciously accepted whilst keeping in mind that if they did as well as I wanted them to, I'd definitely consider getting one for my Mum alongside the rest of her presents.

First things first - as online flower deliveries go this is pretty cheap at £50 for the three months; I know when I've ordered flowers for my mum in the past it's cost me around £30 a bouquet plus delivery and so this is a fairly good price, especially for a present that keeps on giving for a solid few months after Christmas. The other good thing about Bloom and Wild is that they use all seasonal flowers and so you'll end up with a fresh bouquet that uses seasonal blooms and is going to be almost completely different for each month that you receive them.

Okay, so Bloom and Wild are a letterbox flower company for the most part and so these flowers will come in a long, thin box that can be posted if need be. In theory, this is a really good idea - but I'm not so sure now I've received them. I like the idea of them, and for somebody who works nights like my mum, they're a great choice as they can be posted even when she's sleeping during the day - however, post people don't seem to be aware that this is the case as the post woman did knock and physically hand them over, which is a little annoying.

When you open the box, all the cut flowers are inside with the heads protected in a wrap which is a nice touch, as each flower is protected separately to ensure it's safety. They are though, as you might imagine, very dry (presumably they came from further away than you'd usually order, or they'd been travelling longer) - although they do seem to perk up in water. Another slight downfall is that you also have to cut the ends and arrange them yourself, as obviously they come cut and laying flat. This isn't such an issue for you to do yourself, I had some good fun arranging them, however it's worth noting it's a little bit of a DIY if you're buying them for somebody else. They do last a long time though, I got a solid week out of mine - and if there's a particular bouquet you want you can order it as the starting point for your three month subscription, or even just as a little one off.

Overall, it's definitely something I would buy for my mum, and I think she'd really enjoy it and the price is really reasonable for a good Christmas present for someone close to you - however, it is worth noting some of the things I've popped here before deciding whether or not they're really for you.

Sammy xo.

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