Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Dr Bronner's Skincare

In a weird twist of fate, I had an email asking me if I'd like to work with Dr Bronner's in the same week that Katy and I both received a little sample bottle in a gift bag from an event and so it's safe to say I've given a number of their products a really good try within the last few weeks (in fact for a while it seemed like we were using their brand to do just about everything!) and so - here's the lowdown. All in all - I ended up with a miniature Almond Castille Soap, two miniature Citrus Castille Soaps, a miniature Rose Castille Soap, a Patchouli Lime Organic Lotion and a Peppermint Organic Body Balm.

Let's start with the big favourite - the castille soaps. I've heard a lot about these; I know that you can use them in 18 different ways (although I'm yet to try them all...) however, there were two particular ways I wanted to try them out; as body soaps and to clean my make up brushes (something I heard that they were particularly good at). First up; body cleansing. Katy and I travel round a lot, between our houses and the university house as well as travelling away and so little travel sized bottles are helpful for us. These work really well, you get a ton of use out of these tiny bottles as they lather up so well, however they are noticeably runnier than other body washes I've tried in the past and so that's worth noting. This does work in their favour when you're cleaning your brushes though, and I can do a solid 50 brushes (both my own brushes and all of Katy's) without dipping below halfway down one of these little bottles so these are definitely better, softer and leave my brushes feeling nicer and cleaner than baby shampoo. A few things to note though; this soap lathers like crazy and so make sure that you get all the suds out, also the citrus is the nicest of the smells I tried in my opinion - I find the rose a little overwhelming and feel like the almond has a very sickly marzipan smell. The miniatures of these are only $3.19 though and so you can definitely afford to stock up on a few scents.

The star of the show for me was definitely the Patchouli Lime Organic Lotion. You can use this on your hands or your body (or both) but I personally think that this is a little greasy for your hands. Having said that; this is recommended to go on damp skin and therefore doesn't seem at all greasy when your skin dries and this sinks in. If you're not a huge fan of Patchouli this obviously isn't for you, but the lime definitely takes the edge off of the heavy Patchouli smell and leaves a subtle if lingering smell when it's sunk in. This definitely is one of the better body lotions I've tried in a while and you can't really complain for $9.99 - a tiny bit goes a long way and the packaging of their whole range is absolutely gorgeous.

The last product was the Peppermint Organic Body Balm - and this was a bit hit and miss for me. This is a solid balm in a long rectangular tin, and although it works great on dry skin (and it does help brighten up tattoos for a short amount of time if that's your bag), I find it just a little impractical; it's hard to get a decent finger swirl in the product if you're putting this on a large patch of skin and I feel like this might be somewhat better in a round tin, but that's just a niggly thing as you need barely any of this to help your dry patches and it really does soothe (plus the peppermint is really fresh and smells absolutely gorgeous). For $4.99 it's cheap enough to buy and chuck in your bag, you'll always get some use of it.

All in all, Dr Bronner's was a hit for me but if you could only pick one product I'd say grab hold of the Body Lotion - it'll serve you well and it's worth every penny of the ten dollars you'll spend on it. Have you ever tried any Dr Bronner's? What would you recommend?

Sammy xo.

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