Thursday, 3 December 2015

Gifts To Cherish Gift Guide

Sometimes you have everything that you actually need for Christmas, and all you want is a little something that you can cherish - something that will serve you throughout the whole year or more. I know as I get older I want gifts that I'm really going to use and hold on to, and so here's my gift guides of gifts to cherish, for the next twelve months and longer.

Oh come on, I literally called my blog Little Fickle - you needed to know that a designer handbag was going to be on here. As Yoshi goes, this is pretty affordable (£100 for a full leather bag) and it's really spacious, with a zip pocket in the middle and four further sections, two on each side, making it small but able to hold a surprising amount (think Mary Poppins, or Hermione circa The Deathly Hallows). For a designer bag on the more affordable side, this Yoshi bag is a gorgeous, classic piece - and definitely one that will keep me going for the next few years.

I've never been one for designer perfume - I don't stick with one smell long enough, but Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum could definitely become a solid staple. This is surprisingly affordable at £38.50 and it's a timeless perfume - definitely a lot softer and more wearable than it's new counterpart Jimmy Choo Illicit. This is one of those perfumes you'll keep reaching for - and although it's a little bit more than you'd typically pay (or in my case at least) for something for yourself, it's definitely a present to appreciate if it comes your way during the Holiday Season.

Okay admittedly, this isn't what I would use for ear pods, however this is a sweet little leather pouch with an initial on that you could use in your bag to keep things a little more in order (and I know I could definitely do with a hand in that department). I've been using these to keep track of the necklaces and earrings that I always take off and carry between the three houses that I currently regularly reside in. These are gorgeous, personalised and a gift to cherish that's small enough and affordable enough to be a stocking filler; bonus.

This is the entry level Instax camera and it's definitely one to cherish and make memories with. Although I'm forever taking photographs on my phone and one my digital camera, there's something really charming about getting a photograph printed instantly that you can't edit etc. This is one of those things that you don't need but you'll get endless use out of - and for £60 it's not going to break the bank, plus the film is a lot cheaper than the vintage polaroid cameras I picked up in the past. Definitely worth the money, and definitely one you'll cherish for a few years to come.

This is one of my favourite additions to this gift guide - The Happiness Planner. We all need a little more happiness in our lives, and these planners are made to reflect upon the things we've been doing as well as adding spaces for what we hope for the future. This is definitely a very motivated diary, and although it isn't cheap at $59.99, it's definitely one of those things that are something you wouldn't buy for yourself but you'd definitely get use out of. I'm desperate for 2016 to roll around so I can start filling mine in.

This is a present I loved for my Dad and thought that it was definitely something that he'd cherish and pop into the garden in Spain. This is a clock made of recycled plant pots that does one whole rotation in 28 days, therefore tracking the phases of the moon so they can be constantly checked. We've really enjoyed using this, and especially in our garden in Spain where the sky is extremely clear and we can check the moon phases against the clock. These are under £20 and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so definitely one that you can get a lot of use from.

This is essentially an alternative to the ever popular Pandora bracelet - it's a woven bracelet that is available in a number of colours that have beads to slide on to personalise them; with every bead representing a country, or a travel destination. I liked the idea of this for Katy and I, with beads for each destination that we travel to together - and this is definitely one that can be cherished and continually added to. A single bracelet retails for around £21.99 and each country step is around £8.99, making it on the cheaper side of a cherished bracelet of this nature.

What are your picks for gifts to cherish this year?

Sammy xo.

Contains PR samples/items gifted to me by companies however all opinions are my own - please view my disclaimer for more information.


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