Friday, 11 December 2015

Gifts To Yourself Gift Guide

I know we all preach about giving and not receiving but, let's admit it - it definitely doesn't suck that on Christmas Day we usually have a few bits to open. If there's any time to treat yourself to something a little more expensive than you'd usually buy, it's Christmas time - so go ahead, treat yourself to a few bits and pieces (here's a few sneaky suggestions from me!)

Now, this skincare set of travel sizes isn't  cheap with a price tag of £68 - but AEOS definitely is setting a whole new precedent for skincare. Everything about these sets is luxurious, plus you get pretty much a whole skincare set for under seventy quid, which isn't something to shake a stick at - considering you get everything from cleanser, to mist, to serum, to even body wash and conditioner (although, notably, you don't get a toner if you're a toner kind of person). You can get these in blue and pink varieties entirely dependant on your skin type and they're definitely a present to get you started into high end skincare. If you could only buy one thing from the whole set though, I'd say buy the full sized Cleansing Oil de Maq (although it's not cheap at £39.99), as it really is one of the best cleansing oils that I've ever used.

Cocoba is one of those chocolate brands that you can't really justify forking out for, but you know it's worth it for it's sheer taste. Their Salted Toffee Truffles are one of their best sellers and it's seriously not hard to tell why - they've got a bitter cocoas dust but inside is smooth, chocolately, toffee goodness with just a hint of salt. These are on the Hotel Chocolat sort of price side of things at £6.95 and so it's not something you could just afford as an every day treat, but if you're looking for something a little more special to indulge in over Christmas - Cocoba definitely has your back.

Now, I'm all for a good tan, I'm just not for waking up in the morning streaky and stinking of digestive biscuits circa my 2009 school life. NKD SKN is like a perfect tan hack though, I have to say - it goes on dark so you can see you're doing it evenly without streaking and it dries almost instantaneously; come the morning you have a gorgeous, deep, even tan. I practised on Katy so I could watch it develop a little better and for optimum results and popped the picture on my Twitter so go and see results there, but a ton of you commented on the picture asking about the tan which is testimony to just how good in looks, in my eyes. As the younger sister of Vita Liberata, it's no wonder this doesn't come in St Moriz cheap, but I think £14.95 for a bottle is pretty reasonable considering the tan lasts a week. I do think mitts come separately which is a pain, but they are only like a quid in Primark, so it's not going to break the bank in any case.

Now, I'm going to start with the price on this one, because £39.99 is not cheap for a Christmas jumper - however, this is a really good quality one, and one that is going to last you a solid few years instead of a seasonal offering to be thrown away like I've had in the past. This is definitely an investment, but I've worn mine solidly since I got it, it's so comfortable and warm that it was worth the extra money. This is actually one of my favourite things in this gift guide (Cheesy Christmas Jumper also do cardigans and light up jumpers, it's amazing).

I've been obsessed with these Messie Mats for the longest time - they're genuinely such afab idea. These are essentially wipe clean mats that you can pop down before doing your make up, nails or any other generally messy activity. These are so simple, and yet such a perfect gift for those of us that spend a lot of time doing elaborate make up whilst sat on white bedsheets (my bad). These are really pretty and, given that they're only a tenner, they're not going to break the bank in any way shape or form (they really are a perfect present for yourself, even if you think that you don't need one in your life.)

What are the gifts you're hoping to buy yourself this year?

Sammy xo.

Contains PR samples/items gifted to me by companies however all opinions are my own - please view my disclaimer for more information.

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