Monday, 21 December 2015

Glamglow Youthmud Mask

I've been living of sachets of various Glamglow masks for what seems like months and so when I picked their Youthmud Mask as my favourite, I made sure that it went straight onto my birthday list. I couldn't quite face parting with £50 for the full sized version and so I opted for the £25 half sized version, which still made me wince a little given that I've previously lived on Seventh Heaven offerings. Although this is the Youthmud, it's suitable for all ages and it's also an exfoliating treatment and so don't let that put you off - this is also one of the cleaner smells that Glamglow offers, a sort of minty liquorice smell (much better than the prickly pear smell that I think belongs to the Powermud).

So is it worth the price? Honestly, yes. You need very little of it and so even the smaller pot will last  long time - and this isn't one of those masks that you're going to have to wet flannel off when some still isn't set because it's taken too long to dry and you're bored now; this is definitely fast drying (and I absolutely love it when a mask dries a different colour so I can tell it's done.) Putting this on can be a little gross as it's also an exfoliating treatment and so it's quite chunky which can feel unpleasant, but as soon as it's on it's not too tight considering how tight it makes your skin feel afterwards; so that's a nice little bonus.

I know Katy doesn't like this because of the tingle feeling and I have read a lot that suggests if you have sensitive skin this will leave it sore and irritated, however more than anything I think that this just feels cold as opposed to tingly. I like the way that this makes my skin feel and it's definitely one of the better Glamglow offerings in my opinion which is probably why they offer this in a half size as well - it leaves my skin soft and glowy as well as a lot clearer; however it does have a slight purge effect, if I leave it a few weeks between treatment it can pull some spots to the surface but no major breakouts.

All in all, this is definitely worth the £25 and you can even grab it on the high street now (pop into Marks and Spencer and give it a go) - they have a ton of offerings and so find one that's right for your skin; they're definitely worth the money.

Have you tried Glamglow? What's your opinion?

Sammy xo.

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