Thursday, 17 December 2015

Last Minute Stocking Fillers Gift Guide

I am notorious for leaving it until last minute to shop for Christmas presents (although this year I have broken tradition, go me, and finished before December even hit double figures) and so usually I am the one panicked and reading these this late in the month - but fear not, I've put together a number of Stocking Fillers (or just general presents, if you like) that you can get your hands on, if you're quick; and they're much better than petrol station flowers.

I've managed to try most of the flavours of Portlebay, but the surprising favourite was definitely Cappuccino. This is a surprisingly subtle flavour with just the right amount of sweetness but still the crunch of the Portlebay Popcorn Kracklecorn - Katy recommended the Cinnamon Swirl flavour, if that's your jam. You can pick these up in some Supermarkets, so it's great for a last minute 

These are such a good little addition to a stocking or to go alongside a present; it's not Lush and you need a few to get a solid hit, but they're really affordable and only take 48 hours to deliver, so it's not to late to order still. The Summer Fruits smell divine in any case.

This is one of my favourite gifts out of the whole guide - this is a muscle balm (think Deep Heat but less repulsive) and it's worth every single penny of the £20 it costs. This is perfect for sore muscles, just massage it in and let it settle (or just use it as a body balm if you're feeling a bit gross.) This normally takes around 3 days to ship, so get ordering to be on the safe side.

Roger and Gallet is one of the more underrated brands under L'oreal's umbrella, but their crackers this year are perfect for people of all ages. My personal favourite is the Orange scent but I think they have three different scents at only £6; each contains a hand cream and a tiny vial of sample perfume and I genuinely think it's worth the money. You can grab them on FeelUnique and, although their regular shipping can take up to 10 days, you can pay a few quid extra for next day delivery - so, worth knowing.

This is a bit of an odd present, but given the new bag tax in the UK I think it's a really good one - these are big shopper bags that fold into tiny little pouches and can be clipped onto your keys or your handbag. They cost £6 each and although they have no specific delivery date for Christmas my one of these came really quickly. It's a practical present and they come in tons of patterns so it's a nice little addition for most people.

Sweet Cecily's was one of the first companies that got on board with my first meet up and so when I got the chance to work with them again for this Christmas, I was made up. This collections contains Gin and Tonic, Mojito, Espresso Martini and Pina Colada and each are great lip balms with really subtle, tasty flavours. They aren't the cheapest at £15.95, but I'm all for supporting smaller businessed with great products. Within the UK delivery takes about 5-7 days, so you're cutting it a little fine, but you can pay for express delivery (plus everything is natural from Sweet Cecily's, and usually somewhat personalised, it's awesome).

This is literally adorable - I love Knock Knock stationary, but this is a gorgeous addition. This is a journal that gives you prompt to fill in, after which you can give a personalised gift to somebody close to you (this is a romantic relationship based one but you can get one for just about anybody in your life). The sentiment of this is fabulous and they're pretty cheap at $10, plus you can get them delivered within 2-4 days so you can order a really personalised gift even at this late date.

I'm a real sucker for candles - but especially when they're this pretty. These aren't cheap at £23 however they have 50 hour burn time and this smells like nothing I've ever smelt before. This is a bit of an indulgence splurge but it's worth every penny. You can expect a delivery usually in about 3 days, so this is a good option if you're looking for something a bit posh for somebody (I'm lusting over Prosecco Rose).

Stiks Cosmetics - Lipstick in Mauve
These are adorable little lipsticks made in thinner packaging so they're a lot more easy to fit into bags, pockets and the likes. I like the texture of these, although expect a balm as opposed to a lipstick, but they work great for applying and reapplying on the go. Watch out for the lighter colours as a lot of these can be completely sheer given their texture and formula - but they're well worth the $15.

Amphora Aromatics - Bergamot Mini Pot Candle
One of my favourite things on this list - it definitely holds it's own against the Voluspa offering a little further up, but in a different way. Not as unusual looking or as strong as the Voluspa, but at only £5.50 these look clean and smell clean and fresh - and so you could get a couple just to throw in with presents when you undoubtedly have the panic about whether you've managed to buy enough. They have a clean burn and last around 20 hours so they're a fab little gift.

Vichy -  Idealia Life Serum
This is a pearly, fairly thick serum but it is fast to sink it. It's on the pricier side at £30, but it's a glass bottle and it looks every bit worth the price. This is a good serum to add just a little bit more underlying brightness to the face and it's a step nearly everyone could do with adding to their routine - plus, it's a lot less personal than foundation and so a little easier to buy for people. Definitely one for all ages and a good present from a great brand.

Dermalogica - Favourites Kit
This is one of the best things that I've tried in a while - I'm quick to recommend Dermalogica as a whole as I've never been let down by their products but this is good for somebody just getting to grips with a decent skincare routine as it's little testers of all of their best bits and pieces. For £30, this is definitely a kit that is going to benefit a lot of people and it's not going to break the bank - plus, it's a good gift to test out a ton of really fab products before you commit to a full size.

Let me know if you know anybody good for providing last minute presents (not that any of us are still looking, you understand...)

Sammy xo.

Contains PR samples/items gifted to me by companies however all opinions are my own - please view my disclaimer for more information.

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