Saturday, 19 December 2015

Mesauda Eye Make Up

I love trying out new make up and so when I was offered the chance to try out some new make up from a brand I'd never heard of before, Mesauda, I jumped at the chance to have a few new additions to my collection. Having never heard of Mesauda, I went in with a clear head - I resisted the urge to google anything about them or their price point and decided to go in blind to give them a fair go and review; it was a very strange experience!

Not typically one for gold colours on my eyes, I saw this pressed eyeshadow as a little bit of a challenge, if I'm honest. This is a yellow bronze colour and, although shade names seem to differ online, I believe that this is Las Vegas. This is surprisingly pleasant, it's really pigmented but as it's so buttery and soft, it's surprisingly easy to blend out which makes it a lot more wearable. For a glittery shadow, this has a reassuringly small amount of fall out, and it's quickly become a staple in my eye make up routine. Unsurprisingly, anything sent to me inevitably ends up in Katy's hands too, and this suits her skin tone a little more, with me being just that fraction paler this can sometimes look a little like I've been punched in the eye if I don't get the colour balance right. Having said that - I'm a big fan of the formula; which is actually a little disappointing, as I can't seem to find a retailer for this anywhere. If I do manage to find one, I'll be sure to link it.

I also received the Perfect Eyelid Base - and this was something I was actually really unsure about the first few times that I used it. I like the formula of this - it goes on as a nude coloured cream not unlike the Urban Decay Primer Potion; however, it's considerably thinner than Urban Decay. Although this works well when it's on, I find it fairly messy to put on and I always seem to end up with too much on the back of my hand - which is just annoying, more than anything.This is a good base though, and it shocked me in a good way to find out that this was only £7.95 and that this was something that I could source and buy easily within the UK. It's definitely something that I would repurchase when (if?) I ever manage to get through the whole tube.

All in all, Mesauda is really worth the money that you pay for it - and I'd definitely be tempted to try out some more of their things; let me know if you've tried anything that you'd recommend that I pick up!

Sammy xo.

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