Thursday, 24 December 2015

Nanshy Vs. Real Techniques

Recently I was contacted by Nanshy to see what brushes I normally used and whether I'd like to rival them with some of Nanshy's own offerings - having always been a huge Zoeva/Real Techniques fan - I was really looking forward to seeing what other brands on the market had to offer in terms of similar brushes for similar application. So, I got three new Nanshy brushes to pit against my previous favourites to see whether or not they'd hold up - here's the results.

Now I'm a sucker for a good foundation brush - but I do expect a lot from one - and so seeing as I was so used to my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (and the notably similar Zoeva Silk Finish), I was a little dubious about how the Nanshy Buffed Base would hold up - however, I was pleasantly surprised. The Buffed Base is dense and firm and yet somehow even softer than the Expert Face. It applies make up streak free and it's a lot wider and soft than it's Real Techniques counterpart, enabling faster application with a similarly heavy coverage. I really like the design of these brushes too, and the white handle is a good addition which allows me to spot it easily in amongst all of my other brushes. This one is definitely a win for Nanshy, I haven't even touched my expert face brush since this arrived.

The next one was intriguing - the Nanshy Contour Brush, which was a very different type of brush to those offered by Zoeva and Real Techniques. Where it's counterparts are round, thin brushes, this is a wide brush that fits to the contour of the face. This isn't unlike my Cream Cheek Blush from Zoeva. I was a little concerned I was going to end up with a hard stripe, but I was pleasantly surprised that the soft bristles and the shape actually allowed for a much smoother blend and a less concentrated colour. I still use the Real Techniques Contour brush for my nose as it's easier to get the shape that I need - but this is yet another win for Nanshy, in my opinion.

There was one brush that Nanshy seemed to fall a little short on though, in my opinion. The Real Techniques Shading Brush is easily one of my favourite brushes - it works really well to pack on colour, but it's easily one of the best brushes that I've tried in terms of blending out and softening, and so the Nanshy Blending Brush had big boots to step into - and it just fell a little short, in my opinion. It's bristles are just that little bit too soft and not as densely packed as it's counterpart's, making it need that little bit extra work to blend shadow out the same. It's not a bad brush by any means, but in my opinion this is the one case out of the three where Real Techniques just manages to pull through ahead.

All in all - it often comes down to pricing. The face brushes are the same price at £9.99; however the Nanshy takes the edge, so I'd say opt for that one if you're between the two. You can't buy the Real Techniques Contour separately and so the kit that contains it would come to £21.99, whereas the Nanshy contour came streaks ahead for me and at only £9.95, it's the obvious choice. The Real Techniques Shading Brush worked better for me personally, however it is £7.99 to the Nanshy Shader's £5.95 - and neither is a bad brush, so if you're on a serious budget and buying multiple brushes, I'd say it's worth considering saving that few quid and opting for the Nanshy - however, if you have the money, in this case, Real Techniques came out higher in my opinion.

Have you tried any brushes from Nanshy? What would you recommend?

Sammy xo.
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