Saturday, 12 December 2015

Red Eyes For Winter

Never one to branch out away from my usual routine, trying out a red eye was a bit brave for me, I don't know what I was thinking (actually, I do, it was my desperation to try out the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette I've been so obsessed with since I bought it.) Having said that, considering I'm the palest girl to walk the Earth and my hair is super light, this surprisingly seemed to work and look quite subtle on me, which I was really pleased about. Unless I'm deluded, in which case just nod politely and humour me, okay.

I started with a clean base, for which I used the Mesauda Perfect Eyelid Base Primer and let it settle as it can be a little wet and messy when first put on. When it had dried a little, I used a wide flat brush to press on "Sweeter End" right across the lid, and then used a fluffier pencil shaped brush to concentrate "Freshly Toasted" (although for a more festive eye I'd say you could opt for "Warm Notes") into the crease and across the outer corner of the eye, I also dragged it in a little towards the middle of the eye and then used a blending brush to blend this out (I also added a little "Sweeter End" to my brush when blending out the crease in order to soften the outside lines and make it look a little softer). I then used a "Freshly Toasted/"Sweeter End" mix to run underneath my bottom lashline and to finish the look off I added "Bitter Start" to the inner corners of each eye.

Liner is, of course, optional, but I find the way to make this work for day to day is to use a winged liner which draws your eye to the liner and softens the whole eyeshadow look - however, you can wear it with no liner at all, the look just appears a little more harsh in my opinion. I think the trick to making a red eye wearable is definitely to use it to accent another colour as opposed to using it all over the eye as, especially on us paler girls, I think that can sometimes look like an infection gone crazy.

What colours are you wearing for Winter? How would you wear red eyeshadow?

Sammy xo.

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