Saturday, 5 December 2015

Skincare Additions For Winter

I'm getting better and better at keeping on top of my skincare and realising what needs to change with the weather, and with that in mind I've added a few new things to my regime to help combat the cold, dull Winter that seems to be enveloping us more and more each day. Here's some tips to add that little extra boost to your skin this winter;

1: Add some colour
You don't have to be a fake tan addict to add that extra colour to your regime - I've been testing out Hylamide Glow Booster, which has no nasty fake tan DHA, but does react with your skin to create a subtle golden glow within three days. This surprisingly does work, but ensure you're applying it carefully  around your hairline and also make sure you wash your hands after you apply otherwise you end up with weird dark lines. Word of warning, your cleanser will also drag out a fair bit of yellow (the excess I assume) the morning after you apply it. It does leave my skin healthy and glowy though, and it's only £20. If you're braver than me, feel free to use a fake tan to get that bronzed glow - although do get a face specific one or mix in with your moisturiser unless you have a tanned body already!

2: Swap up your moisturiser
Your skin (well my skin, but) usually needs something a little different in Winter than it does in Summer and so I've found my skin thrives much better when I cater for that. Whereas Hydraluron Moisture Jelly is far too greasy for me in the Summer, in the Winter it's just the hydration that my skin needs. Likewise, I couldn't use my Summer moisturiser as well in the Winter. It's worth considering swapping out your moisturiser for a more suitable one, or at least considering whether there's been a change in your skin that might warrant one.

3: Add some more moisture
In general I tend to keep up with skincare "layers" more in the Winter - whereas in the Summer I might slack on serum or facial mists and get away with it - I can really notice the difference if I skip any steps in Winter. As a whole, obviously it depends on your skin type, but I'd say add more moisture to your skin in Winter to keep that chapped, red skin away.

So there's my skincare tips for how I get the most of my skin in Winter - if you've got any tips for your particular skin type, please do leave them below!

Sammy xo.

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