Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Sweet Club Subscription

I have an eternal sweet tooth that often has Katy wandering to the shop ten minutes before it closes because we don't have anything in to satisfy me (she's a good one), and so when The Sweet Club got in touch to see whether I'd like to try out sone of their sweet subscription boxes (sugar delivered straight to my door, no less) I jumped at the chance and sat eagerly behind the door waiting for it to be delivered - okay, not quite, but I did pounce on it within minutes of it being delivered.

The idea is simple - you can log in, pick eight of your favourite sweets and get them delivered to your door for £9.95 per month (you can also work on a fortnightly basis for £8.25), or if you're lazy you can go ahead and pick a readymade selection - the likes of which include American sweets, sour sweets and bestsellers. I decided, for the sake of fairness, to flick through every single page on the site and drool over every single sweet before selecting my final eight. The theme I went for, it appears, is nostalgia.

I went for the sweets that I'd loved as a kid - Jelly Belly Sours were the top of my list. I really like that the company offer name brand sweets like Hershey and Jelly Belly to really give you as much bang for your buck as possible; not to say the other sweets felt cheap, but it definitely made me feel like I was getting a little more for my money when I opted for the higher end sweets. Next I went right back to the opposite end of the scale and got Traffic Light Lollys - I'll admit that I thought this might be a little bit of a copout as I remember getting them for 10p from the shop opposite my school, however I ended up with about ten of these (literal) suckers, so it was a good business decision on my part. The one let down of the box, I have to say, was the first bag I actually tore open when they arrived - chocolate coated toffee honeycomb. This tasted okay, but the texture was sticky and chewy inside instead of that sharp, crunchy bite that I like from honeycomb. Not a bad set of chocolate (I still ate the whole bag) but also probably my least favourite out of the box.

My ultimate favourite sweet of the bunch was there on the website which was nice, as it's pretty old fashioned so not always easy to get hold of - cough candy. This is like Corvonia or Sambuca condensed right down into a boiled sweet - they're fab, but you definitely need to eat these quicker than the rest because I stored them in a really cold, dry place and they still ended up very sticky when I unwrapped them. Next was a solid favourite of everyone who went to any of the schools around my area -Rhubarb and Custard Chews. This was definitely one of the better offerings, exactly the texture that they should be and exactly the taste I remember them being - likewise with the sour blue raspberry bon bons; exactly how I remember them being when I was a kid, but definitely not sour!

These sour apple cubes were the surprisingly good underdog from this box - tangy and sharp with just the right amount of crunch. Again, these weren't massively sour, but probably more so than the bon bons and I did end up really enjoying them. I demolished the Magic Mushrooms in one sitting; although they're considerably more gummy than I'd imagined that they were going to be, they definitely were pleasant and moreish.

This is pretty good value for money, all in all - you get around 100g of sweets in each bag give or take and so that's 800g of sweets for less than a tenner, plus delivery is free within the UK so it's definitely worth giving them a shot - if you opt for the monthly box you can cancel it or change the contents after you get your first box and so it's worth giving it a go at least. Thanks, guys, it was just the sugar rush that I needed!

Sammy xo.

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