Saturday, 26 December 2015

The End Of Men And The Rise Of Women Book Review

There are some books you want to be seen reading on a plane, and there are some that can make the man sitting next to you move to the next available empty seat on a plane as soon as the seatbelt sign has gone off - The End Of Men and The Rise Of Women By Hanna Rosin definitely falls into the latter (seriously, that actually happened on our flight to Kraków). Don't let the title fool you though, this is far from just a book for the women - this isn't just what the future holds for women, but this is how the shaping of the future is about to come down hard on us all.

If I'm honest - I think Katy and I picked this up in Poundland as something we thought would be amusing, and it's been lying around for a few months. It was only when I was cleaning a few days before we left for Poland that I decided that this was the book that I was going to take with me for the flight. When I started it, I expected a scathing view of men and how much better women are - but this isn't that at all; of course it's a book about the growth of women, but more than anything it's a book of research into just how women have managed to catch up to men when there was such a pronounced gap between us in the past.

This is a balanced book - Rosin hasn't just shadowed women and checked on their views and attitudes; she's followed groups of people with all genders, she's followed couples and all sorts of relationships with varying dynamics and this deep, heavily considered research really shows. This isn't a book that shuns men or idolises women - it shows the sacrifices from both sides and the adaptation of the world around us that has led to the point we are at now; far from the matriarchal view that I'd naively expected, this book uses research, statistics and a number of theories to discuss the growth of women and attempt to discover whether or not it comes at the price of the falling of the men around us.

This was a book I almost cringed at buying - however, now I proudly pass it to my friends in the hope that they will also read it and broaden their horizons; take in the stories of women from a number of backgrounds and varying relationships and see how far women have come; and how far both sexes still have to come. Without spouting facts, it's hard for me to show you just how shocking this book is, but I definitely recommend a read - especially if you can get it in Poundland like we did.

Have you read any good books of a similar nature that you'd recommend?

Sammy xo.

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