Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Thorntons' Amazingly Choctastic Christmas Gift Finder

For this Christmas, Thorntons have created their Amazingly Choctastic Christmas Gift Finder - a gift finder for the perfect chocolate for those in your life. Is it gimmicky? Yes, of course. Is it the sort of thing that you would do jokingly in The Sixth Form Common Room on a free? Also yes, but that's not a bad thing.

Don't expect miracles from this - it isn't going to give you a lightbulb moment of, "Oh bloody hell - I'm sure Aunt Muriel really did actually want a milk chocolate champagne bottle, thank god I put all this information about her into the website" but, especially if you had little kids, this would be a really good thing to get them into the Christmas spirit of everything. The questions are things like how much the recipient believes in Santa, how naughty or nice and how much of a scrooge that they think you are (rude).

All in all this is cute - apparently it's based on the real machines in the Thorntons factory (in fact, there's a whole section on the website about the truth behind the gift finder) and it's adorably done - and if you wanted a certain thing from Thorntons, you can even send a little hint through social media at the end to your partner or whoever, which is a nice little addition (Also, in all seriousness, those Milk Chocolate Champagne Bottles taste amazing.)

I'd say this is probably more one for the kids amongst us, but it's a nice little game to play before Christmas if you're hinting at wanting Thorntons, or it's a good way to get kids involved in Christmas by finding out what's supposedly the perfect chocolate for them (although most of the kids that I know haven't met a chocolate that they didn't like, to be fair). It's gimmicky, yes, but so are most Christmas things. If you're interested in finding your own perfect Thornton's present - you can have a go here.

If you have a go, let me know what your perfect chocolate is!

Sammy xo.

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