Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Works With Water - Help: Beautify Skin Review

I'm not normally one for vitamins and supplements - mostly because I tend to forget to take them which makes it hard to tell whether or not they really work. Having said that, when Works With Water emailed me to see whether or not I'd like to try their Help: Beautify Skin range, my skin was in the middle of a particularly bad patch and so I thankfully agreed because I was ready to try just about anything that might help. This is supposed to help achieve a glowing complexion from the inside out if you take two sachets a day - I had a two weeks supply and so I got to give it a fair test.

These are tiny packets of apple flavoured jelly that contain tons of really good stuff like Collagen, CoEnzymeQ10, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C. They're pretty easy to remember to take as they're like a cool little midmorning snack, and so I got to work with them and took two sachets a day (although you can take just one a day if you prefer, I believe) to see just how much a little bit of apple flavoured jelly could do for me. So, did it work? Well, about a week in my skin did seem to start clearing across my chin and cheek where I'd had a pretty bad breakout for a number of weeks, so actually maybe it did.

Would I recommend it? Well yes, but I'd say that the Help: Clear Skin would be a better choice for me in the future as, realistically, I'm 22 and don't need to add collagen into my skin as long as I'm treating it well (it did help my skin though, so you could choose this one, if you want to). Having said that, I do think this would be a really good call for my mum, or someone with just slightly more mature skin as I do think it's a really good option as opposed to taking tons and tons of separate supplements, and I'm well aware my mum takes at least two of these supplements separately each day and so I do think that there's definitely some benefits to taking this in the way that it comes.

It's also worth noting that, although my skin did improve, I do think that possibly this was also because generally remembering to take supplements to improve my skin also sort of reminded me to keep up with my skincare regime and so - although generally these definitely helped, I do think that didn't do me any harm. I think that these are a little gimmicky, they'd be just as good in tablet form as opposed to jelly (or powder sachet as some of the others come up), but all in all you can't argue with a fairly tasty sweet snack that's helping your skin at the same time.

 It is worth noting, however, that these are considerably more expensive than buying the components separately (a 14 sachet box costs £22.95) - however now I've worked it out, there's no avoiding the fact that to take two a day for a month you'd be paying close on £90 and that seems insane when you look at a yearly cost (nearly a grand on supplements is enough to make even the most hardened of women wince). So on taste and benefit I'd say yes, they're a good buy and they worked, however, price wise you're making a big commitment and so make sure you try out other things before turning to this.

What supplements would you recommend?

Sammy xo.
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