Friday, 29 January 2016

Ecoegg Laundry Egg

In a weird turn of events Katy and I ended up with two of these. A lot of you will know that, for a majority of the week, Katy and I live together in a university accommodation house with nine other girls. It's crazy, hectic and most of all, small. And, there's a lot of washing to get through. We all share buying a lot of things - toilet paper, kitchen roll etc. - but we all have our own laundry detergent; and with Katy being allergic to many of them, we've always had to fork out for Fairy. So, when Ecoegg offered to send me a laundry egg, I thought it would be great for Katy and I to try as it's non allergenic and even recommended for eczema sufferers, which Katy is. Only, when I told her I'd agreed as I thought it would be great for her, it turns out she'd also obviously thought the same thing as she'd also accepted the opportunity earlier in the day. Either way, we're poor students and I'm not turning down anything that's going to save us a little bit of money, especially when it's not at the expense of Katy's skin.

When we got these, I have to admit I wasn't expecting much. I'd been told that mine would last 720 washes (the average washing a family get through in 3 years) and Katy's 210 washes (the average washing a family get through in a year) and so, judging by my workings, we shouldn't have to buy any washing detergent until I'm through my undergrad course, which is good as we really do need to save all the money that I can. I just didn't expect these to work, if I'm honest. They're just two plastic cups that clip together with sets of beads inside and sure, they smelt nice (mine is soft cotton and Katy's is spring blossom) but I just didn't get how these were going to replace Fairy once and for all.

Having said that - they have. I don't know why they work (I believe it's the beads, or pellets, inside that contain a cleansing agent that works as they start to erode during each wash) but they really do, the clothes come out clean, fresh and just a lot softer than they were before which is an added bonus as we can't use fabric softener on things like towels and bedding as Katy's skin is too sensitive. I really like these, they're the sort of boring yet horrendously practical adult kind of product that you want to suggest to your Mum (and actually, I have) - and they work. It's a simple idea, but it's one that Katy and I are thoroughly behind.

So I bet now you're thinking; 3 years washing though? Bet that's expensive! It's all well and good you singing it's praises when you two got yours for free! Well, here's the thing; the egg that lasts for 720 washes won't even set you back £20. That's right, you could be doing your washing for three years and only pay £19.99. For students like us, or those struggling with money, or even those who have allergies to typical laundry detergents, these are invaluable - so go out and grab yourself one (the Spring Blossom is definitely my favourite smell.) Also thanks, Ecoegg, because now it's likely I won't have to buy detergent all the time that Katy and I are at uni and to be honest, that's one of the nicest presents I've gotten in a long time.

Would you use an Ecoegg?

Sammy xo.
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