Thursday, 28 January 2016

High End Wishlist

There's a reason that this blog is called Little Fickle, and it's self explanatory. As much as I do a lot of talking about serious things, I also have a huge amount of passion that lies within designer brands - and so here's my wishlist of bits that I'm lusting over (oh come on, a wishlist should be unobtainable, it's sort of the point, right?)

1: Derby Tartan Faux Leather Backpack - Vivienne Westwood
I'm obsessed with Vivienne Westwood bags - it's always been a total thing for me, and Tartan is a staple print in my wishlists and so this fitted the bill just perfectly. I love the size of this, the detail in the colouring and how elegantly every day this is whilst still being quintessentially Vivienne Westwood. Basically, I'm head over heels for this backpack.

2: Meet Your Match Locket - Kate Spade
I am all about this necklace and have been since the moment that I saw it. This looks like an adorable box of matches and yet it opens out to be a super cute locket. I think this is sweet and modern in equal amounts and I just really like it - particularly as it's long and sits really nicely on everybody that I've seen it on. This one definitely has me all heart eyed.

3: Crocodile Embossed Leather Trainers - Giuseppe Zanotti
Aka. The best trainers to ever live, and Katy and I are both equally obsessed with these baby pink offerings. I don't know if it's the blush colour, the rose plating or just the general, casual look to these but everything about them has me wanting to save up to go halves with Katy just so we can say that we have them in our collection.

4: Atlas 2 Hand 29mm - Tiffany
This is the most classic watch I've ever seen and I absolutely can't even begin to pinpoint what it is about this that I'm obsessed with, but every time I see it on the Tiffany website it catches my eye again. I think it's just that this is such a timeless piece - but seeing as it's a completely eye watering price, it'd definitely have to be a timeless piece. Jesus, for the price it is, it's have to serve as an heirloom.

5: Selby Medium Leather Satchel In Blue - Michael Kors
Last but not least, an offering from one of my favourite high end brands going. It's probably just that the first high end piece that I bought for myself was from Michael Kors, but it definitely holds a special place in my heart and this blue tote is absolutely everything I love about the brand. A simple but unique colour combined with a classic shape and the neat embossing? Yes, yes, all of the yes'.

What's on your high end wishlist?

Sammy xo.

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