Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Homeware Wishlist

Some of you may know that in September Katy and I are making a bold move and moving in together. We essentially live together now, but this is the first home space that will truly belong to both of us, instead of just one of us with the other staying over - and so I have gone crazy for homeware - big things, little things, practical things and completely pointless things; if you can use them to decorate a flat, you can guarantee that I'm in for it. So, with that in mind, here's the top 5 things on my homeware wishlist

1: Jago Laundry Bag (£11.88 - Amazon)
One of the first things that we both said that we wanted when we moved into the new flat was a laundry bag, and this is the one of dreams (sad dreams, admittedly, but dreams nonetheless). This one is fairly cheap and means that, providing that we remember to put them in the right section, we'll never have to sit on the floor sorting clothes again. Particularly handy as it has a handle and our laundrette is a floor below us.

2: Cooks Professional Rotary Waffle Iron (£25.54 - Amazon)
Katy's auntie has one of these and it's safe to say that we're fascinated - although I'm not a big waffle fan (although Katy is all in for cinnamon waffles), Jo assured us that all sorts can be made on these, including brownies. This isn't as expensive as we thought it'd be and it's even one that you can rotate to ensure even batter cooking (I might have made that up but doesn't it sound efficient and correct?)

3: Star Wars Death Star Mood Light (£19.99 - IWoot)
Probably my favourite thing of the lot of these, if I'm honest. Star Wars definitely kickstarted my love for sci-fi when I was younger, and the new film was the first film Katy and I went to the cinema to see and so it all feels a little sentimental and nostalgic. More than that though, I just think this would look literally amazing in the flat.

4: Istyle Star Hi Ball Glasses Set Of Six (£21.60 - Debenhams)
I have a weird need to buy all the glasses and these hi ball ones are right at the top of the list - I like that there's six instead of four (the matchy matchy side of me is very pleased there'll still be plenty if one is to break) and also the stars on these are subtle and grown up, but really really pretty. Admittedly not the cheapest of glasses, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

5: Ben De Lisi "You've Got Mail" Holder (£9 - Debenhams)
Katy and I hoard a lot of junk in the way of paper and that's only set to get worse when we're living together, getting all of our post to the same address and both bringing back bits of paper from University that we're going to need to keep safe and so I love the idea of this letter rack to keep everything in a contained sort of chaos. It's expensive for what it is and IKEA probably has an alternative but this matches the colour of the kitchen and so I'm already sold on it.

What's on your homeware wishlist?

Sammy xo.

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