Saturday, 2 January 2016

Konjac & Green Clay Facial Sponge

I'll put it out there - I love skincare. Anything that can make my face look better than it does now, I will give it a go and, whether I like to admit it or not, I do usually like a really good gimmick (as long as it does whatever it's meant to do, you understand.) Cue The Konjac and Green Clay Facial Sponge from The Konjac Sponge Co. - a facial sponge with a twist; I was more than up for the challenge of giving this little invention a bash.

I didn't know what to expect from this - call me naive but sponges always seem a little dirty to me; probably because I obsessively wash flannels and so putting something on my face that I can't actually wash properly was a little bit of a grey area. Having said that, these are made from the Konjac plant and supposedly good to use for 2-3 months or until the look ratty and so I decided, just on this occasion, to give it a go. I talked through my skin issues and type with their company and we finally settled on the best sponge for me which contains French Green Clay. I eagerly awaited (whilst sort of not really knowing what to expect) the arrival of this little beauty.

This arrived as what literally appeared to be a green rock - but when I retrieved the instructions and actually read them for once in my life, I found that the sponges are meant to revert to smaller and harder when dry and they expand and soften when they fill with water (which probably should have been obvious now I'm thinking about it because, you know, science). I also found out by reading the instructions, seriously guys these instruction things are a revelation, that you can actually use this with or without cleanser and it will also help to exfoliate; which I really like, as I don't use a physical exfoliator any more as I worry it's not great for my skin but you can't beat a good scrub.

All in all - I've really liked this - if nothing else it stops me washing 7 flannels a week, which is a bonus. I also find my skin is smoother since using it but I do now have to double cleanse as I can't use this to take my make up off very well; I tried, but the make up just ends up saturating the sponge completely, so would not recommend. Mostly the issue with that is just that I'm lazy though, so it's not a big deal. I do like it for the mornings and to be fair, my skin hasn't broken out and I do think I can get it pretty clean with very little effort on my behalf. 

Would I repurchase it? Maybe - I think that maybe a cheap sponge could do a similar job and this is £7.99; although having said that I think my good skin could have been helped along by the clay and the Konjac, but I'd want to be sure it was that before I repurchased. Definitely swap your physical exfoliator out for this if that's your jam though, it's epic for smoothing out your skin.

Have you ever tried a Konjac sponge?

Sammy xo.
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