Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Hair Oil

Prior to this my only dip into the Liz Earle pool was to try Cleanse and Polish which just didn't work for me and seemed to break my skin out - not knowing much else about the brand I pushed it aside and moved onto different brands. Fast forward to Liz Earle offering to send me their Botanical Shine Hair Oil as a part of my delving into cruelty free, more natural hair brands. I have to say, after a disappointing start, I might be starting to get with the hype of Liz Earle.

I grew up in a girl's school and if there's one thing I learned about hair (other than the straighter you can get it, the cooler you are - of course), it's that oil=grease. I worked on this principle right up until I met Katy and she used a deep shine oil we were sent - since then, I've been hooked. I tried this hair oil straight onto dry hair mid-lengths and downwards and it worked fine - no greasiness, no heavy residue left on the hair once it'd soaked in. Did it add shine? Not so much, but my hair definitely did feel softer with it in.

This also has a heat protectant within the oil, and so I've been trying it on wet hair before blow drying and it does seem to work - I get less flyaways, my hair seems softer and easier to manage; still though, there definitely seems to be a lot less in terms of shine than similar oils (notably my favourite go to which is Rusk Deepshine Oil). It is a good option instead of using an oil and a heat protectant spray though, in my humble opinion. It also might just be that my hair is fairly shiny to begin with, because Katy really likes the result that it has on her hair.

This isn't too break the bank expensive for a hair oil, and especially not for one from a brand such as Liz Earle - it retails for £17.25 per 50ml and you only need around 3 pumps per use so this is definitely going to last a long time for me, plus it really is packed full of good ingredients (Kalahari Melon Oil, Coconut Oil and Radish Seed Oil) and is cruelty free so well worth the extra few quid. It's fresh smelling, a heat protectant and whether or not it adds shine, it definitely softens hair and keeps it in a good condition and so all in all? It's not amazing, but it's definitely one of the better hair oils out there (plus it's suitable for all hair types, which I like).

Which hair oils would you recommend?

Sammy xo.

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