Wednesday, 20 January 2016

MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion

It very rare that Katy and I disagree on things to any serious extent, but you're about to meet one of the first products that really divided us; MOA's Fortifying Green Bath Potion. I love a good bath oil and so I was very pleased when MOA offered to send me a little something and it was this Bath Potion that landed on my doorstep and so I took one for the team and ran a bath so I could test it out. Like, right away.

This is a really heady, peppermint smell with a fennel undertone, it's fresh and gives your skin that feeling of breathing in after chewing airwaves (please say you know what I mean because I can't think of any other way to explain it) - it's one to wake you up in the morning, definitely, but it's surprisingly also one to get you relaxed and ready for sleep; which is a very odd mix, but it just seems the perfect mix for whatever time of day that you're using it. Peppermint is one of my favourite smells and so this was one that had me texting Katy to say how much I liked it. Katy, however, was not so much a fan.

It's not that she disliked it, but fortifying means fresh and fresh seems to translate to your skin feeling cold - to me that's not such a bad thing, but to Katy it meant that she really couldn't enjoy the bath as it just didn't seem warm enough, which I totally get. It's one that you'll definitely either love or hate - but I think that some people won't find this invigorating as much as sleep-inducing, as it has both effects on me dependant on when I chose to use it. It really does leave you feeling fresh and clean though, and it's something I enjoyed using.

This stuff is expensive though, £27.50 per 100ml is definitely on the pricier side and following the instructions you will only get around 6/7 baths out of this and so that works out around £4.50 a bath - it's only around the same as a Lush bath bomb, but the initial outlay is a lot more and so it's worth thinking about before buying. Having said that, I'm a huge fan of this and I've had great experiences with MOA's The Green Balm in the past too, so definitely a company worth buying from.

What bath oils would you recommend?

Sammy xo.
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