Sunday, 3 January 2016

Sale Stuff That You Can Buy Right Now

So, now that sales are in full swing it's hard not to get a little excited about picking up some new bits and pieces - however, if you're anything like me the idea of actually flicking through the sale will be too much for you to bother doing (there's at least two more days of Netflix and Chocolate at this point of the Christmas holiday). So, with that in mind, I've compiled a list of my five favourite sale bits and pieces that you can log on and buy right now if you so wish.

1: Joseph Joseph's SpiceStore - £36 (Selfridges)
This might seem like a weird one, but you might know that Katy and I are moving into a flat together this year and I'm desperate to get a cool spice rack; Joseph Joseph's is just about the coolest of the coolest. I like that this doesn't look like a usual spice rack and it's made out of stackable pots which I actually think is really useful - plus this is down from £45, which almost edges it into being affordable.

2: TIGA Velvet Slip-on Trainers - £10 (Topshop)
These were only £20 to begin with which meant they were likely to catch my eye, plus they're burgundy velvet so they were obviously destined to end up in my collection; but given that they're only a tenner now, I'll definitely be getting my hands on a pair. Safe to say Topshop shoes can be a bit hit and miss, but for the price it's definitely worth taking the risk.

3: Bareminerals Starlit Eyes Glamour Eye Tutorial - £19.43 (Harvey Nichols)
Not only is the tin of this gorgeous, but for under £20 you're getting five eye items including a double ended brush, and you're even getting the instructions to create an entire eye look out of it. I think that based on value alone this is one you should be snapping up, but as I mentioned - the tin is definitely an added bonus. I'm not sure why I'd need an extra tin, but you know.

4: ASOS Coat in Cocoon Fit - £51 (ASOS)
I strongly think that you should always buy your winter coats in the sales and keep them for the year and this is the one that I've got my eye on for this year. Originally this was £85, but now it's just over the £50 mark. It's classic in style, colour and fit and I definitely think it'll be my pick for last year - although ASOS can be a pain delivery wise, there's no denying that their clothes are usually top ranking. Definitely one of the items that I'm the most excited about.

5: Navajo Placement Print Oversized Jumper - £21 (Marks and Spencer)
I'm obsessed with Marks and Spencer Indigo Collection but normally it's just that bit too expensive to make it a real option for me most of the time. Having said that - this jumper is down to £21 from £39.50 and that makes it a definite possibility as an addition to my ever growing wardrobe.

What are your picks from the sales at the moment?

Sammy xo.

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