Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sample Sunday - Redken Extreme

I seem to constantly collect samples and never get through them and so I decided that today I'd take the traditional Sample Sunday idea to talk about my attempt to get through them (I potentially won't remember to keep up with this, but I'll definitely do my best!) So, today I'm talking about some samples that came my way from Type The Hype which are sachets of Redken Extreme

I expected a lot from these given that this stuff is on the pricier side, costing £10.20 from LookFantastic for 300ml - which isn't going to break the bank but it's considerably more than some of my favourites like Aussie. I never really know how I feel about sample sachets as I have a lot of hair and I'm never sure whether I'm really going to be able to get it all done with such a small amount - but 5ml was plenty of both shampoo and conditioner, so it's definitely good to know that you wouldn't be wasting product if you did splash out for the bigger bottles (you can even get litre bottles with pumps if that's more up your alley.)

This stuff is pretty good, I'll give it that - it left my hair shiny and smooth (although the conditioner wasn't great at helping to detangle my hair which I would normally want from a conditioner, so it's worth bearing that in mind) however, I wouldn't say it was anything particularly special for being nearly double the price of some of the firm favourites in my collection. It has a nice, clean smell and it really does help my hair to look good - but no better than say Elvive or Herbal Essences, so that's worth bearing in mind if you're thinking about splashing out. All in all, Redken Extreme is fine, but it wasn't exactly as Extreme as I might have liked.

What Redken products would you recommend?

Sammy xo.

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