Sunday, 17 January 2016

SOS Solution for Scars

I'm always looking for something that will diminish the look of scars and stretchmarks, and so when SOS reached out to ask me if I'd like to try their Solution For Scars I accepted - I'll try pretty much anything once to be honest with you. When it arrived I was determined to remember to put this on every day and see how it worked for me.

Okay, so I didn't quite manage every night, but I did make sure I was using it regularly, and I really did like it. I think that products like this are really paving the way for Scar creams - gone are the silicone based fillers and incoming are the soft creams with some real science behind them (in this case, green tea extract which is scientifically proven to shrink abnormal scars. I was pleasantly surprised with how different this cream was to other brands I'd tried to help with scars in the past - I hoped that this being different would prove to be some kind of breakthrough which would help it succeed where others had failed.

I wasn't wrong - it might be the action of rubbing this in until it dries and physically massaging moisture back into the scars, but it's helped me to fade scars without a shadow of a doubt. In my opinion, this works pretty quickly on the smaller, flatter scars - but it still is helping to gradually reduce redness and help to slightly flatten the hypertrophic and keloid scars that I have; although, silicone naturally works better on my stretched scars which are usually the result of burns (and a particularly traumatic year working as a fry chef in McDonald's) as they are slightly sunken. Swings and roundabouts though.

All in all - I'm impressed. I'm impressed that this is modest and without gimmicks and that it just seems to work without being too showy or full of itself. I like that you can use it on stretchmarks as well as scars, and I like that there is so much information on their website that you know you're putting your skin in the hands of a company that really does know about scars and how they can affect you as a person. The most important thing in my eyes though, after it working of course, is that comparatively to other scar treatments that I've tried (Dermatix, I'm looking at you) this one isn't going to break the bank as you're only paying £18.99 for 30ml - and I feel like considering the amount of scars that I have, this does seem to be lasting a long time. All in all, it's not a miracle worker, and it won't fix scars overnight - but it's definitely one of the best products I've tried in it's category, so it's definitely worth buying.

What do you think helps your scars and stretchmarks?

Sammy xo.
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