Monday, 25 January 2016

The Geography Of You And Me Book Review

I'm slowly but surely working my way through the books that Katy got me for Christmas and next up on my list was The Geography Of You And Me. I don't know what I expected from this, but I didn't expect it to fall next to Paper Towns on my favourites list - and that's exactly what this reminds me of. The travelling, the subtle references back to a single night spent together, a love story that you can't decide whether it will work out, a book that is easy to fall in love with irregardless of the fact that truly, when it comes down to it, almost nothing actually happens. It's true that Jennifer E Smith has seemingly taken a leaf out of the John Green school of writing for The Geography Of Me and You, but her unique writing style definitely ensures that she's forged a voice of her own.

This is a book that starts as you'd expect a love story to - two teenagers meet in a lift during a blackout and, unexpectedly, end up thrown together to endure a city wide blackout in a city of lights. We share with them the magical night they spend together whilst seemingly shut off from the rest of the world, then we wake up next to Lucy, alone, Owen gone and we see the spinoff that occurs when the two teens travel further and further away from each other. It's charming, it's beautiful, it's so lovely to read two lives unfold in front of you that depend on each other so heavily that it's easy to forget that each party in on opposites sides of the Atlantic.

The book is written from each teens view but from the third person, we see Lucy live her life in England and Owen travel across America with his father, both seemingly searching for something that the night with one another left missing. We see them fall in love with other places and people and, inevitably, we see them slowly but surely make their way back to one another. This isn't so much a story about love, but rather one about fate - and it's beautiful.

All in all - this is definitely for all of you John Green lovers out there, it's easy to read and even easier to fall in love with. Have you read anything good lately?

Sammy xo.

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