Friday, 1 January 2016

Winter Hair Additions

For somebody who has as much hair as I do, I'm notoriously not great at looking after it. I'm definitely trying to use more on it, but up until recently I took the stance of wash it, leave it to try and just hope for the best (which is why it used to spend so much of it's time thrown up into a ponytail...). Having said that, I'm starting to get into the habit of using more, and better, things on it - especially as it takes a real beating in Winter and around Christmas when I'm styling it incessantly. So, here's what I've been adding it to my routine to try and be a little bit nicer to my hair over the winter.

My top favourite thing for looking after my hair this weekend has been hair masks - Katy and I often use them instead of our conditioner - and our favourite at the moment is the Kallos Banana Fortifying Mask that we picked up from Poland for like next to nothing (you can grab one here - not as cheap as we paid but only £14 for a litre so not to be sniffed at). This basically smells like foam bananas and is amazing, I just throw it on my hair root to ends, a bit extra on the ends if that's your jam, then shave my legs or wash my body or whatever and wash it off about 5 minutes later. Every bit as easy as using your normal conditioner, but your hair will seriously thank you for it. You don't have to use this particular mask, obviously, but why wouldn't you want to smell like a pick'n'mix sweet?

Okay - let's be honest for a second; until recently I never remembered to use heat protection and so it's super handy if something else that I use has heat protectant in it too. Cue my (Katy's) VO5 Plump It Up Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion - a spray that I can use to rewet my hair so I can rough dry it that also protects it when I inevitable hate how it looks rough dried and want to straighten it? Definitely right up my street. Basically, use heat protection, and if you (like me) often forget? Incorporate into a product that you already use like blow drying spray or detangling spray. If I'm not drying my hair at all, I get major guilt about it and so I tend to throw some deep shine oil onto it as a nod to good hair care - I'd really recommend the Rusk Deepshine Hair Oil that ended up in my hands through pure luck and a mix up on dates and that I use regularly (although watch out you don't chuck it too close to your roots or it'll end up a disaster.)

On a more basic level - let's talk hair brushes and bobbles. I swear by my TangleTeezer and I used to worry that it was really bad for my hair, but my hairdresser told me that if it's breaking less hair and ending up with less hair in it than when I use a traditional brush then to go ahead and do it, so I do. I can definitely work right through my hair tons faster with one of these and I don't tend to shed as much as when I use a traditional brush - plus they work amazingly on wet hair when I actually remember to brush it through when it has conditioner on it. An honourable mention also goes to Invisibobble because I always feel like they're far less harsh on my hair - although a word to the wise, the Primark dupes seem to stretch out of shape a lot less than the actual originals, so that's worth knowing,

So there you go, my extra additions to my hair in Winter - what do you do to take care of your hair?

Sammy xo.

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