Monday, 15 February 2016

3 Things That I've Learned Living With 9 Other Girls

At home I grew up with my parents and older brother and then, when he ventured off to University, it was just me, my mum and my dad - which made for very quiet living. This all changed when I met Katy and started to stay at her University house with three boys; but it all changed even more drastically when, in September this year, Katy (and by extension, also I) moved in with 7 other girls (this quickly became eight other girls in January this year). So, here's a few lessons that I've learned whilst living with 9 other girls (as I'm counting Katy as one.)

1: Cheap Carpet Hoards Hair
For real, though. Cheap carpet, the kind that landlords insist on chucking in University housing, acts like some sort of weird hair velcro and you will never, ever manage to get the hair out of it. At this point in the year I feel like some days I'm walking on a fluffy hair cloud that Henry The Hoover is absolutely no match for. This is made worse by the sheer amount of hair that us ten girls have between us - seriously, don't look to close at any of the carpets if you're ever round at the house, they're gross but it's beyond our control.

2: There Is Never Enough Cupboard Space (Or Dish Rack Space, Or Sink Space, Or Just SPACE)
Sharing space is all well and good until you get to a few months in and you've suddenly accumulated 78 pans between the ten of you and there's no longer anywhere to store them, or the plates that are consistently taking up the very small amount of space you have on the drainer. Basically, wherever you need to be there will always be someone there, and wherever you need to put your stuff will always be full. And yet still you won't be able to find a single fork when it comes to eating your pot noodle at lunchtime.

3: It's Never Quiet
I mean, it doesn't help that we have half of the lacrosse team and the captain of the volleyball team living with us, but it's literally never quiet. 6am has people leaving for rowing, 6pm has everyone trying to cook meals at once in the kitchen. There's so many of us that there's always someone's friends here, always someone running from room to room, always somebody slamming the front door. It's weirdly comforting in equal amounts to how annoying it can seem.

As much as this sounds like a whingey post, I bloody love it here. I love hearing everyone laughing and running up the stairs, I love it when we all play board games or sit and watch crappy TV together - I actually will miss this house when it's just Katy and I next year (and it'll undoubtedly seem very, very quiet.) 

Sammy xo.

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