Monday, 1 February 2016

Angels On Bare Skin

After so many problems with Lush - I'm reluctant to promote them, but the thing is; irregardless of poor customer service over the Christmas period, their products really are right up there with the best. You may have seen in my Lush Haul from a few weeks back that I managed to get my hands on some Angels On Bare Skin cleanser thanks to one of my closest friends and so, even though I was reluctant to try it after some pettiness on my behalf post boxing day sale fiasco, I decided to get stuck into trying it (after all, a cleanser is a cleanser.) I was in two minds about this, so it's taken me a solid month or so to get used to using it and really decide how I felt about the whole thing - here's my opinion.

lush black pot

I was really excited to try this - but I didn't expect this to be the texture that it is. I think I was expecting more of a cream cleanser but instead I found this to be a cleaner, fresher Buche De Noel (sans the seaweed, which I have massive, massive issues with) in the way that you scoop some solid product out, add water to make a paste and then use it as a cleanser. Having found Buche De Noel fine to use to remove make up, I decided to try this on my make up; this was one of the things that left me sitting on the fence. I think it's the lavender in this (please do correct me if I'm wrong) but this really, really irritates my eyes; unlike Buche De Noel this seems to have some smaller grains which means that it's a little more exfoliating so, in retrospect, it was really stupid of me to use this on my eye make up. This set me into a fight with Angels On Bare Skin though, so I left it on the desk for a week and angrily glared at it every time I left to go and wash my face.

However, it's time came in the form of really, really bad blackheads. It turns out, as good as cream cleansers are, they do little to nothing to make sure that your nose doesn't get gross and bumpy and so I had to swallow my pride, hand over an olive branch and reach out for Angels On Bare Skin once again. Begrudgingly, I'll admit it - this stuff really works. I find it works better for me as a morning cleanser, avoiding the eyes but giving it a good scrub and washing it off with a flannel. This has a soft camomile/lavender smell that seems to have some form of mint undertone and it really does make my skin feel soft and fresh - I think that potentially my initial dislike was almost entirely user error because I was really thick about the whole thing.

cleansing balm

It's worth noting that this isn't too expensive (£6.95/100g) for a cleanser, but also that you'll probably need another cleanser at least for your eye make up - but I've been using mine instead of a separate exfoliator and so in the long run, it probably does end up being just as cost effective. This is a brilliant morning cleanser, but I would say be careful around your eyes as lavender is considerably less pleasant and soothing when you're trying to fish it out of your eyes. All in all though? I'd definitely recommend it.

What's your favourite cleanser at the moment?

Sammy xo.

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