Friday, 12 February 2016

ASOS Wishlist

I love ASOS - it takes the chore out of internet shopping as normally I can find most of the things that I want all in one convenient place - plus, it's not exclusively high or low end, but varies between the two and everything in between. All in all, I spend a lot of time window shopping on ASOS - here's my picks.

hollister jumper

1: Sleeveless Longline Top - £10
I love basics, but I like them to look a little bit different than the millions of other basic pieces that I inevitably have in my wardrobe. The shape and the cut of this just really work for me, and I think the colour is just basic enough to wear with anything without being as boring as plain white or plain black. It's only a tenner as well, so it's not going to break the bank even if I only wear it a couple of times.

2: Sundry Light Wash Sweatpant - £100
I just can't afford to drop £100 on these, but oh my god how comfortable do they look. I have a pair similar to these that actually belong to Katy and are so worn in and comfortable that they look light washed even though she assures me that they were originally navy. I can't afford to spend a hundred quid on any pants at this point in my life, but if I could - these would be my choice.

3: Hollister Lace Shoulder Striped Jumper - £29
Hollister hasn't really been my thing since I was about 15, but this jumper is just so pretty and elegant, but so casual that it makes me want to buy it and wear it all the time when I'm sitting in bed blogging. I like the colour of this, I think it'll work really well as we move into Spring, but I do believe that they have a navy variation of this as well.

fries before guys quote

4: Fries Before Guys Ankle Socks - £3
Socks are my thing at the minute, but Katy always has better ones than me and I'm a bit jealous and so I'm looking to expand my collection. I think this is a hilarious joke as I bloody love chips and I'm just not into men - as unintentional gay jokes go, this one is particularly amusing to me.

5: Blocked Satchel Bag - £22
I love satchels but I'm not usually bold enough (or carrying few enough things) to put my Cambridge Satchel to use in the way that I'd like. This one is affordable enough that I won't feel as guilty if I don't get around to using it and I think that the colours are nice and versatile. Plus, the buckles are amazing.

What are your ASOS wants?

Sammy xo.

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