Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Ellovi Body and Lip Butters

To be honest - I'm not too selective about skincare. I'm getting better at knowing what should go onto my skin and what I should try to stay away from, but the fact is that in the past I just haven't been as concerned with it as I should have been. Having said that, even I know how good a company is going to be for your skin based on how few ingredients they have and so, when Ellovi emailed me offering me the chance to try out some of their lip and body butters, the 6 ingredient tagline had me accepting out of pure fascination.

So, can you tell the difference between this and it's chemical filled counterparts? Well, I didn't think I was going to be able to but, in all honesty, it seems almost like some breach of the law that this body butter and products like The Body Shop's Body Butter can be called the same thing. I'm not normally one to review samples, if I can avoid it, but this was worth talking about. It's smooth and melts to an oil on the skin and it genuinely is a good product, but that's not what swayed me into talking about this sample size - the smell was. The shea butter overpowers the whole smell and it smells so like a chocolate shop I went to in Poland with Katy that it actually brought tears to my eyes. Their "original" butter has exactly the right kind of chocolate smell, how chocolate really smells, and the product from what I tried is amazing in itself too. Mainly - I'd recommend this product purely on the fact for every time you use it you can feel as though you're third wheeling one of the best nights of my entire life. Seriously, though.

I also did get one of their full sized products though, which is what this post is actually about. Knowing that I was getting to try the original body butter, I opted for a different variety of their lip butter; Blossom. I hate flowery smells, but when I looked online I was fairly confident that this was going to taste slightly orangey and so I took a risk - I was right. This errs on the side of citrus, the only really flowery taste comes through in the Chamomile which just takes the edge off of the fruit taste and leaves a nice, rounded lip balm flavour.

Is it a good product? I'm in two minds. I love the feel of it, don't get me wrong, it's gritty until it touches your lips and then it seems to melt down to a soft, oily wax. I like it, and it genuinely does really seem to help my eternally chapped lips - but, having said that, it's definitely not a lip balm you can chuck on under your lipstick. It's thick and moisturising, but it's a lip balm I use at night, not one I put on with lip products in the day. It smells amazing though, and the shape is thinner than a normal chapstick bullet - the only one big downside is that it's hard to twist it back down, sometimes I have to push it instead. I have to say though, all of these are only little issues - and the product does really sell itself, especially for $5.

All in all - Ellovi is just one of those brands that are quietly doing good things and making good products at a good price; and it shows. Have you ever tried any of Ellovi's products?

Sammy xo.
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