Sunday, 28 February 2016

Maya Confident Curling And Styling Crème

There are some brands that have just been created by someone with so much passion that it's hard not to find it contagious, and Maya is one of those companies. Michelle, the creator, is so keen and knowledgeable that it truly was a pleasure to get the opportunity to test our her Confident Styling And Curling Creme. I talked a lot to Michelle about the type of hair that I had, how I wash and style it and she assured me that Maya is perfect for all hair types but would almost definitely work for my hair and so I eagerly awaited it's arrival. 

styling cream

This is a super thick cream which makes a nice change from the oils that I've been using, but it did make me worry that it would be really heavy on my hair - I can confirm that it didn't, however, for a product that is so thick it's almost difficult to get out of the bottle, this feels almost weightless on the hair which was a nice surprise. I need more of this than I would need from an oil, but I'd expect that, and I get more of this to begin with so it's not as though I'm using half a bottle in one go.

I can't decide whether or not I like the scent of this but my mum loves it - it smells almost coconutty but not quite, sort of like a suncream sort of smell. It's packed full with natural ingredients and oils though, so that's likely where the smell comes from (seriously, this is chock full of olive oil, argan oil and shea butter amongst it's 12 natural oils and extracts). I like the idea of this and it actually really reminds me of the Windle and Moodie Hair Moisturiser - I put this on wet hair, dried it and then found it was sleek, less frizzy and the natural waves in my hair stayed in much more successfully. All in all, it was a success.

haircare for curly hair

This didn't weigh my hair down, didn't make it feel greasy and it has a pretty pleasant smell - plus it comes in a pump bottle and you can get 250ml of it for £20, which is pretty cheap when you weigh it all up. All in all, I think it's a fabulous product and Michelle is so passionate about the company that it's hard to see it doing anything less than well.

What's your favourite hair product at the moment?

Sammy xo.
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    If society is hard on you, fight back by pampering your skin. Skin is political.
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