Thursday, 4 February 2016

Olverum Bath Oils

If there's one thing that I really love - it's a decent bath. When I was a kid, I'd use the time to read - admittedly, times have evolved and now I tend to use it to catch up on my Twitter and Instagram - but it's always been something really therapeutic for me. So, as I've gotten older I've definitely developed a certain fondness for bath products and, as mentioned before on here, bath oils are amongst my top products (it's that silky smooth leg feeling when you're putting on your pyjamas - you all know what I mean). When Olverum offered to send me some bath oil to test out, I jumped at the chance - bath oil is my jam (I can't believe that I just said that, either).

olverum huile de bain
Image courtesy of Olverum

First things first - how gorgeous is this product? I love everything about Olverum's branding, but it is deceiving as I thought it would be a ton more expensive than it is - but it was nice to discover that 125ml (which is enough for 25 baths and I'd say you'd easily get that, I used samples in packets but a little bit went a deceivingly long way) will only actually knock you back £23.50 which puts it in a much higher standing than my previous offering from MOA. This isn't as gaspingly fresh as the MOA offering either, and both Katy and I got along with this one a little bit better - it's not as heady as it is fresh and comforting. It almost has no discernible scent that I can place my finger on, but it's just sort of clean and herby.

All in all, this appears to be the best of both worlds. I used a few drops of this in my smaller bath and found it relaxing and non-greasy, and yet it also didn't seem to get loss in the huge abyss of Katy's bath (not many products suit both of our baths in the same quantities). Is it worth the money? Yes. If you're going to buy a bath oil, you'd be hard pressed to find one this cheap that you'll get as many baths from, and you'll be even harder pressed to find one that looks like classic and gorgeous. Olverum is definitely one of those brands that has me scraping together the pennies to buy a bottle, but it's also one of those brands that you want to tell everyone about. Is it perfect? No. I'd imagine that buying this in the bottle would mean that you could easily accidentally use too much (especially given that it's a bit vague on instructions, mentioning "a few drops"), but it's pretty close to perfect, as bath oils go.

What are your favourite bath oils? Have you ever tried Olverum?

Sammy xo.
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