Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Sam Farmer Shampoo And Conditioner

I'm all for challenging myself and a lot of you know that my latest challenge for myself has included taking better care of my hair where possible. Although I've been trying out some oils and creams and everything in between - I was still firmly in the mindset that Shampoo and Conditioner was just something that was, there and there abouts, an expensive offering was probably only as good as whatever was on offer this week. However, the very lovely, chatty Sam Farmer was very keen to try and change my mind on shampoo and conditioner being nothing special and so offered to send me over some Shampoo and Conditioner which I graciously accepted.

sam farmer shampoo and conditioner bottles

Fellow Sam has created a range of products that are unisex and particularly formulated to suit adolescent skin and although I'm slightly outside of that bracket these days, though I am in denial about that, I thought that this no-nonsense approach to hair might be just what I need. The fact is, it's refreshing to see someone take this non-targeted approach to bodycare and I love the ingredients that go into the product but it did leave me thinking that this generic shampoo and conditioner offering was probably going to do little for my hair. My oh my, how looks can be deceiving. Added bonus; these are all cruelty free (as are all products in the EU, but Sam Farmer doesn't distribute in any countries that have compulsory animal testing) and there's a really extensive, interesting education page about what ingredients are used, and why.

shampoo and conditioner

The Shampoo is "formulated to gently cleanse the hair and scalp without leaving any residue...gentle enough to use every day with added glycerin to improve moisturisation". It's clean smelling, almost citrusy, and it does work - no better than other shampoos I've tried, but to be fair it's not much higher in price point either at £5. I didn't have any issues with it and nor did Katy who has very sensitive skin, and so although it wasn't amazing, it definitely wasn't bad by any means. It was the conditioner, though, that was the secret underdog. It pretty much shares a scent with the Shampoo and, in the shower it just doesn't seem much, however when I got out and tried to brush through my freshly conditioned here; something not much short of a miracle happened.

Sam farmer products

This works better than any conditioner I've ever tried, and I'm honestly not being dramatic. This is targeted to help improve manageability, and it definitely does. Both the conditioner and the shampoo make me feel as though my hair is softer, shinier and better looking with completely minimum effort, and if we're honest - isn't that what we all really want from life? This stuff isn't going to break the bank, the conditioner is £5.50, but it's honestly worth every penny. It's undoubtedly changed my opinion on whether Shampoo and Conditioner are just that - not all hair care is made equal, and Sam Farmer is definitely leading the race.

What's your favourite hair care products?

Sammy xo.
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