Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Not So Little Fickle Girl

A few weeks ago I sat down and read Jemma's post about what she's really like behind her blog and it struck me that, despite how much time we spend on our blogs and chatting to each other, we lead entire lives that other people who share our blog lives don't always know about and so - in honour of Jemma's post - I decided to write a post about who I really am when I'm not hiding behind a keyboard (I'm the new generation of keyboard warrior, now I think about it).

My real full name is Sam, I'm 22 although this seems to confuse a lot of people and I can still get a half on the bus, which is handy when I'm low on money (it is a pain when I want to buy a drink in a pub though, admittedly). I'm really accident prone and I tend to be covered in bruises that I can't ever remember getting; I'd like to blame it on drinking but the truth is I'm mostly tee-total. Like for real, it's not even a cool thing I just don't really like the taste of alcohol or getting out of my depth with little control - plus, it's seriously expensive.

I'm always tired but I'm surprisingly a morning person - by the time 9am rolls around I'm usually the one waking Katy up because I'm bored and I want somebody to talk to; I'm also a night owl though, I get most of my work done at stupid o' clock in the morning and so now I'm thinking about it - I don't really get much sleep. I'm still slightly scared of the dark, I like things to be clean and organised and when I'm stressed I'll deep clean everything (also, when it comes to throwing things out I have no sentimental feelings - I'm seriously ruthless.)

I'm never, ever on time - if my anxiety is bad I will be incredibly early to make sure that I don't have anything wrong and that you won't have to wait for me, if my anxiety isn't particularly bad I will nearly always be late as I am a champion at convincing myself that I have more time than I actually do. On that note, it takes me at least forty minutes every morning to put make up on because I'm constantly distracted by my phone, or whatever I'm watching, or the fact my eyebrows need plucking (anything, really).

I'm lazy and loyal and I don't like to get dressed or go out if I can avoid it. I hate drying my hair, I find getting showers awkward when I'm staying at Katy's university house and I'm snappy and unpredictable. I'm reckless, I don't like to offend people and, more importantly than anything - I like to think that the last thing I actually am is fickle.

What are you like behind your blog?

Sammy xo.

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