Monday, 8 February 2016

Valentine's Day On A Budget + Thorntons Giveaway

Since this year will mark Katy and I's first Valentine's Day as a real couple - I've been thinking a lot about it. I've asked Katy's housemates what they think and the opinions have varied, but all in all it seems to be something that requires a lot of thought and a huge dose of originality; especially when, like Katy and I, you have little to no money at your disposal. Having said that, Thornton's sent me a great Valentine's Day cheat sheet and, thanks to it's help, I've managed to come up with tips for the thing I really need help on - Valentine's Day On A Budget.

personalised chocolate heart

1: Cook Your Other Half's Favourite Meal
Katy would never pick steak in a restaurant, she'd likely pick Mac N Cheese balls and Lasagne and guess what - I can make (okay, I can buy and heat up) both of those things. Saved yourself a solid £50 and won yourself brownie points as long as you actually did manage to pick their favourite meal. Plus, this has the added bonus in that you don't have to leave the house because, you know, nobody wants to go outside if it can be avoided.

2: Go for Personal Touches, Not Price
It's not all about how much you've paid, it's about knowing that you other half actually loves Kanye more than anything and that she likes it when you get out of bed to switch the lights off. Use these things to your advantage - make her a card with Yeezy's face on it and a set of vouchers that she can redeem to get you to switch the light out whilst she stays comfortable in bed. Cheesy? Yes, but at least you've shown some thought. Don't be that dick that makes sex vouchers, though, nobody wants to have to redeem a piece of paper before you'll get intimate.

3: They're Classics For A Reason
Make your other half something cute, by all means, but don't be worried to pair it with flowers or chocolates - they're nearly always appreciated even if they are a little cheesy. They've become classics for a reason, and they've managed to stand the test of time because we buy so many of them every single year. Don't rely on just chocolate and petrol station flowers though - you're setting yourself up for a fall.

heart shaped chocolate box

If you need more tips on Valentine's, whether you're skint or not, click over to Thornton's Cheat Sheet (they've even got tips for if you're spending the day alone, which is a nice touch). They've also given me the chance to give one of you lucky lot a box of chocolates, and literally all you need to do is click through the rafflecopter form below, leave me your name, email and twitter handle and one of you guys will be picked at random. The competition ends 12/02/16. Good luck!

Sammy xo.
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