Saturday, 6 February 2016

Valentine's With #HQhearts

Last week Katy and I got an email from HQ hair asking whether we would be up for getting ready for Valentines with them if they send us a mystery package and, ever easily excited, Katy and I graciously accepted. This actually arrived late last week when Katy and I were back home from her University house but I made her wait until we were both back together before she could open it and so by the time it rolled around she, and all of her housemates, were very eager to see what was inside and we definitely weren't disappointed.

The first honourable mention has to go to the one set of products that had everyone awhing over for a solid ten minutes (it dragged a seriously quick "bagsy instagramming it" from Katy) and that's the Hers and Hers Tangle Teezer Kit. I don't know if you can actually buy this kit (if not, they should make it available because it's honestly adorable) but it contains a new Pink Sizzle Compact Styler each for Katy and I. We both use Tangle Teezers and so new ones are always graciously accepted - plus the packaging is so cute that it's been all over our social media so you know, good marketing campaign.

Next up was the Oriental Design Your Own Fragrance from The Perfume Studio. Katy and I are actually really excited to delve into this - each of the six scents smells amazing individually and so I think that when we mix them they'll only get better - plus the pipettes and atomiser make me feel like I'm doing real science. We've yet to find the time to play with this properly but when we do one of us will definitely do a review (I'd imagine Katy!)

Next up is a brand that I've loved and tested in the past - Kiss The Moon. We got their All Blends Discovery Set and so it will be nice to have some new offerings alongside some of the ones I liked when I first managed to try them out. This is a mix of six oils - some face oils and some bath, which works out nicely as Katy is a huge fan of face oils and I'm a huge fan of bath oils and so there should be minimum fighting when we get around to divvying them up. They all came in a super cute velour pouch too, which is a nice touch (bagsy mine, Katy, if you're reading this.)

Next up is one of Katy's favourite products in the box at first glance, the Lord and Berry Bronzer in Toffee. Katy and I are both super pale and so this swatched as the perfect colour for both of us - warm undertones without appearing too muddy, but not light enough that it won't make a difference. I really like the packaging of this too, it's got a screw on lid so you don't have the cracked lid issue that you get with Rimmel Stay Matte (you all know what I'm talking about.) I'll definitely be popping up a review of this as I have very high hopes.

Another offering from Lord and Berry was their Invisible Silhouette Lip Liner - this one didn't excite Katy and I nearly as much as it exited her housemates, but it is a cool addition to the box. Admittedly, I'm not great at remembering to wear lip liners, mainly as I don't usually have one that matches, so this is perfect to ease myself in. Katy does wear lip liner a lot and so I'm sure this will be a great addition to her collection. I like the texture of this when it was swatched though, it's balmy without being waxy and I really think it'll work great at the job - only time will tell, I'll get back to you.

This was the one product that I was probably least interested in, but they actually came through when I swatched them. They've got a really cool doefoot applicator (but that's for another day) and they're actually pretty sheer but still super pretty - Katy's claimed the soft nude colour and so I'm left with the glittery pink, these aren't normally colours that we'd go for but they seem less sticky than most lipgloss and so I'm willing to step out of my comfort zone and at least give them a try.

Left 509 // Right 103

Bizarrely, this is Mavala Lightening Nail Scrub Mask is the one thing that I actually have gotten around to using since we opened the box (the other things are mostly waiting patiently until we dig them out to get ready for our Valentine's date night) and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. This is like a gritty lotion you rub into your cuticles that makes them shinier and it makes it easier to push your cuticles back - potentially a little gimmicky, but it's nice to take five minutes out to relax and do nothing with your hands (I mean typing, get your minds out of the gutter.)

Last, but by no means least is the Garnier PureActive 3 in 1. Katy was pretty excited about the idea of using this as a mask and so I think we'll use them one night this week, but I used to use Garnier scrubs every other morning and so I'm sure that I'll manage to get some use out of this for at least one of the three intended uses. It's a grateful addition to the box, in any case.

I'd like to say a huge thanks to HQhair for treating Katy and I to these little Valentine's gifts as part of their #HQhearts campaign - I'll be sure to update you on the top dogs of this post once I've been able to test them properly!

Sammy xo.
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